Heroes of Junopia: Ordinary Teens in Time

By: Jennifer Gay

Summary: An attempt at an original story… for once. Fate seems to intertwine with ordinary people sometimes… even if they are all from different times on Earth. Here is the story of ten ordinary teens throughout Earth's twentieth century; chosen to save another world different from their Earth and their time periods.

Disclaimer: This is my first original story. And, since I own everything in this story (character-wise, I mean… not the "Earth" situations); please do not steal my idea(s)!!! I will be mad if you do…

Time Periods and Countries Used in Story:

1900's (Start of the Century; United States), 1930's (The Great Depression; United States), 1940's (World War II; Germany, Japan, Great Britain and United States), 1960's (Civil Rights and Peace; United States), 1970's (Vietnam War Protest and Flower Era; United States), 1980's (Age of Technology and Rebellion; United States) and 2008 (Current; United States).

Prologue: United States in 2008

It was a somewhat cloudy, rainy January 1st here in the town of Tuscaloosa, Alabama as we come upon a slightly large house in the rural part of the county. And it is here, in this house, where we begin this story of fantasy beyond our world of Earth…

In the house, we see a teen sitting at her usual spot at the couch of the living room. She was on her laptop computer, typing at a very fast pace without missing a keystroke of the built-in keyboard. The girl was at the age of seventeen; a time in her life that was currently not as well as she hoped it would be. She had medium length, dark chestnut brown hair and dark, chocolate brown eyes that were slightly covered by her thick, oval-shaped glasses. She wore something that she thought was acceptable to herself; a hunter green t-shirt that went to her waistline that had two, white vertical lines on the right side of her shirt. She wore a pair of khakis that went a little past her mid shin and a pair of black and white tennis shoes with white footy socks to put the whole look together.

Her name was Jennifer Gay. She was a very smart girl for her age of seventeen. She has the IQ of about 116, or so says the doctors who determined it. Even though with a slightly high IQ, she did very poorly in her school and grades. And because of this, she was an outcast among the peers of her age and generation. The only comfort in her life at this point in time was reading and writing anything that came into her mind. Ah yes, writing and reading were her safe haven against the current world…

"Ah, there we go!" Jennifer stated with a chirp as she typed in the last few words of what she was writing, "I'm done with that report for now!" she said with a soft smile to herself in satisfaction.

Jennifer then looked at her digital clock on her laptop; it currently read 10:00pm. She made a little sigh to herself, "I guess everyone's coming home late again tonight…" she muttered as she made a little stretch with her arms and yawned, "Time to go to bed."

She soon hibernated her laptop and closed down the monitor of the computer. And after showering, brushing her teeth, and changing into her pajamas; she was now ready to go to bed. Jennifer got underneath her green bed sheets and soon fell fast asleep. But little did she know that his simple act of the day would lead her to an adventure of her life…

Chapter 1: The Dream That Connected the Twentieth Century

Darkness. That was all that Jennifer could see at the moment as she opened her eyes to look around. It seemed a bit eerie, yet she could tell that nothing sinister was about. Since she was now standing, she then looked down to see what she was standing on; a stained glass portrait of white glass.

"What in the world?" Jennifer questioned as she looked around again even more than she did before, "Where am I?"

"I would love to know the same thing," said an unfamiliar voice not too far away from her as she looked in the direction of where the voice was coming from. It was a teen boy, about the same age as she was, with bright, blond hair that went a little past his ears and bright, ocean blue eyes. He was standing under a black stained glass platform.

It was soon that she noticed that he was not the only one here with her. There were eight other kids, all of them the same age as her and the other boy.

There was an Asian girl next to the platform of the blond haired boy. She had long, silky black hair and deep, grass green eyes. She was standing under a dark blue platform.

Right beside the Asian girl was brown haired kid with a few freckles lining his cheeks and had dark, almost red burgundy brown eyes. He stood under the yellow platform.

Right beside him, there was another blond haired boy, but with a shade of jade green eyes. He stood underneath the dark green platform.

Beside blond, green eyes boy, was a red haired girl with short, boyish red hair that went a little past her ears and dark, grass green eyes. She stood under the light green platform.

Beside the red haired girl, there was an African American boy with a slightly short afro and dark, chocolate brown eyes. He stood under the orange platform.

Right beside him was an African American girl with slightly wavy black hair that went to her shoulders and dark brown eyes. She stood under the light blue platform.

Beside the African American girl was a girl with long, blond hair that was braided in a French braid and deep, sapphire eyes. She was standing under the lavender platform.

And, last but not least, there was a boy beside the blond haired girl that had short, bushy black hair and dark green eyes. He stood under the red platform.

'… What the heck did I eat to make me have this hallucination?' Jennifer thought to herself.

"Oh dear, what's going on?" questioned the Asian girl with slight fright.

"What in heaven's name is this?" the brown haired boy stated with slight awe in his voice.

"What on Earth is going on?!" questioned the blond haired, green eyes boy with a bit of a gasp.

"Wow, this is a very neat place!" stated the red haired girl, "But it seems a bit too dark."

"Whoa, what the hell is this place?!" questioned the African American boy.

"Oh my goodness…" stuttered the African American girl with wide eyes; she seemed a little bit speechless at the moment.

"Whoa, man. How'd I get here?" questioned the blond haired girl with a sort of out-of-this-world voice to her statement.

"Ah!" exclaimed the black haired teen slightly in a very nervous fashion, "How in the world did I get into this place?!"

"You are all at the crossroads of your planet's time…" said a sudden voice from out of nowhere.

All of the teens turned to where they heard the voice. They soon saw a black, thick cloaked figure in front of them. He was an old looking man carrying a gold staff in his right hands.

"And as for who I am, I am Kronos, the god of time in the nearest world closest to your planet Earth," the old man said, "And you, time children of Earth; you are here to help the world of Junopia come back to its feet from an evil empire known as the Wiplon Armada."

'Geez, sounds like something I would write,' thought Jennifer with slight sarcasm.

"But I can not tell you much more; you ten will have to learn for your own selves of your fate to save Junopia," Kronos stated as he raised his hand to the ten teens, "Now go!"

Soon the ten teens disappeared in the darkness around them, leaving Kronos alone in the spaces of time…

"Jennifer… Karl…Yuki… Basil… Colin… Edna… Jake… Delilah… Stephanie… Travis… You must all succeed and support each other…"

Soon Kronos disappeared into the darkness of time…

Wow, this is the first time I've written something original! Heck must be freezing over at this point!

I know it starts out lame, but trust me; give it some time and I'll kick it up a notch! (Also note that I know that it's not 2008 yet, I just wanted the story to start there)

Anyway, tell me what needs to be improved and such to make it a better, more original story. Thank you!