Chapter 2: Introducing One Another

"Oh… my head."

Jennifer started to wake up from feeling like she was hit in the head with a baseball bat. She made a little groan as she felt the ground underneath her. It felt like grass.

"What…?!" Jennifer muttered with surprise as she soon shot open her eyes to see a clear blue sky above her head. She sat up with wide eyes and a dazed look on her face.

It looked like she was in the middle of a huge field, one she's never really seen before back in Alabama. She also noticed something that made her jump out of her skin. There, lying all around her, were all the teens from her dream she had moments ago. They were all sleeping, like she was a few seconds ago.

"… Hey!" Jennifer shouted rather loudly, making everyone come to their senses. They all looked at her with a slight glare, but those looks soon went away as they noticed their surroundings as well.

"What is this place?" questioned the brown haired kid with the freckles.

"I do not know," stated the Asian girl as she made a surprised gasp. The others arched an eyebrow, "What is it?" the African American girl asked.

"H-How can I speak English?" the Asian girl muttered with shock.

"Hey yeah," the blond hair, blue eyed boy started to say, "And how can I understand it too?"

"Maybe it has something to do with that weird dream?" the blond haired, green eyed boy stated.

"Wait, did we all just have the same dream?" questioned the blond haired girl with surprise.

"We must have," the black haired boy said, "How else can all of this happen?"

"Maybe we're all still dreaming?" the red haired girl stated with a bit of wonder in her voice.

"I sure hope it is…" muttered the African American boy with a slight sigh.

"No, I think this is all real," Jennifer said as everyone turned their attention to her, "And since this is real, we need to know who everyone here is."

"That's a fine idea," said the blond haired, green eyed boy, "My name is Colin Kingston. I'm from London, England."

"Nice to meet you, the name's Basil; Basil Holmes," said the brown haired boy with freckles, "I'm from New York City."

"Yeah, nice to see you all," the African American boy said, "My name's Jake Winston. I'm from Birmingham, Alabama."

"You nice to meet you all too; my name's Stephanie Prowler," said the blond haired girl, "I'm from San Francisco, California."

"My name is Travis Bailey," the black haired boy said, "I'm from Chicago, Illinois."

""Hi! I'm Edna McFerrel," said the red haired girl, "I'm from Boston, Massachusetts."

"… My name is Delilah Jones," the African American girl said with a slightly shy voice, "I'm from New Orleans, Louisiana."

Everyone turned to the bold haired, blue eyed boy and the Asian girl to get their names.

"… My name is Yuki Mizuno," said the Asian girl, "I am from Tokyo, Japan."

"… A-And I'm Karl Ervin," said the blond haired, blue eyed boy, "I'm…" he paused for a second before saying, "I'm from Berlin, Germany."

"What?!" exclaimed both Delilah and Colin as the others jumped in surprise, "You're both the enemy!" Colin said with a growl.

"…" both Karl and Yuki were silent.

"… O… kay, well nice to meet you all," Jennifer said with a little cough to get everyone's attention, "My name is Jennifer Gay. I'm from Tuscaloosa, Alabama," she then looked at Delilah and Colin with an eyebrow raised, "What did you two mean by 'enemy'?"

"Why, have you all gone mad in the head?!" asked Colin with a shocked voice, "We're in the middle of a bloody war with these two countries!"

Jennifer, Travis, Stephanie and Jake seemed surprised at what he said while Edna and Basil made confused faces, "What do you mean?" questioned Edna, "I thought the World War was over?"

That was when the others looked at her with either surprise or confusion, "… What year is it?" asked Jennifer, who was starting to figure out something, "Is it 2008?"

"2008?!" exclaimed everyone with shock, "You have gone mad!" stated Colin, "It's 1942."

"Yeah!" said Yuki, Delilah and Karl in agreement.

"What the hell are you guys talking about?" questioned Jake, "It's 1964."

"No it's not!" Edna said with disbelief, "It's 1936, and we're in the middle of a Depression."

"Nuh-uh," Basil said with a shake of his head, "It's 1903."

"Ha! As if!" Stephanie laughed, "It's 1975!"

"What the heck are you guys rambling about?" Travis stated, "It's 1989."

That's when everyone stopped talking to process what they have all just said, "… Huh?!"

"We're all from different time periods!" Jennifer said as she made a gasp of disbelief.

"B-But how is that possible?!" questioned Karl, "How could this have happened?"

"… I think it was the man in the dream, Kronos," Jennifer started to say as everyone turned to her, "He said that he was a god of time…"

"So, you're implying that we've been plucked out of time to come here?" asked Travis, "Sounds like an amateur writer's coming up with this whole thing."

"Yes, I guess you can say that," Jennifer said with a nod of her head.

There was a moment of silence before everyone else busted out into laughter, "Yeah right!" Basil stated as all of them soon quieted down, "If that's really all true, than I'm Old Saint Nick himself!"

Jennifer narrowed her eyes a little, "Fine, don't believe me then," she said with irritancy, "But I do know one thing; we're all going to have to work together to get out of this place."

Colin and Delilah glared daggers at Karl and Yuki, "And we better not make any grudges against anyone here," Jennifer continued to say, noticing the looks that Colin and Delilah were giving the two, "That will just make this situation worse."

"You can say that again," Jake sighed, knowing what it felt like to be prejudiced for race, "We've been working on that same topic since 1960."

Meanwhile, Stephanie was off in her own little world for a moment before looking farther off into the distance of the field, "… Hey. What's that over there?" she questioned, getting everyone's attention.

They soon looked at the direction she was pointing towards. They saw…

"A castle?" Travis stated with confusion.

"Hmm, judging by that, it seems like we've entered a fantasy world," Jennifer stated.

"Really…?" Edna questioned with a surprised gasp, "You mean like a magical place?"

"I guess so," Yuki stated.

"So, I'm guessing that's where we're going to next?" Karl asked.

"Where else can we go?" Delilah replied.

"Let's just get going already! Geez…" Colin said with a huff of his voice.

They soon started to walk to the castle, each of them wondering what was in store for the there…

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