Who knew
Angels hide guns beneath their wings
While demons form choirs to sing
Twisted notes to a broken piano song
Voices longing for something new
For the world to show them some truth

I watched the world die
Peoples faces withering off the edges of the earth
Mother's whispering it won't hurt
So many lies
And all that's left is a waste bin
Filled to the brim with crumpled philosophies
Along with the cure to that disease
We all died anyway

Faces with voices say things to me
Whispering accusations and pleas
"You don't make sense anymore"
As if I ever did before
But I've seen light and it's the darkest thing
Like perfect houses and wedding rings
I just don't belong
With perfect people who do no wrong
But they like to pretend

I look between the spaces of my fingers
Where otherworldly things linger
Drip-dropping off my palms and elbows
Into black holes and the unknown
My thoughts are static but my motive's pure
I don't want to grow up yet they say I'm mature
(between my legs and hips and lips I'm sure)

I'm stretched out across worldsOne that's real and one that's words
One that's dead and one that lives
One that takes and one that gives
I'm no simpleton
But my mind comes undone
Eitherway everyway I go this way
Standing in the middle of nothing
Surrounded by the air of everythings
Preparing for a battle not to be won
Even if there was night on the sun
Because we're weak and sad and gone

Because there is nothing more to be done
And it's finished