I'm in love with a Vampire

Innocent conviction

Written by: The Teller of Stories


The second adventure of my lifetime, this one involving trials, convictions, loves torn apart by rules of rank, and evil alliances. This time taking place right at home.

Chapter 1

I was sitting on my bed looking out my window; it had been a long day full of around three hours of progressive vocal therapy which was working but was being incredibly slow. It had been three months sense my flight home. School hadn't started yet because of some freak accident, it ended up blowing up half of the school it injured a few people but didn't kill anybody, luckily enough it was on the first day of school so everybody got out early and still haven't gone back, everybody was e-mailed a web address where online classes were being hosted every day. I was working on my education online which made my mother so mad because I didn't ever have to come out of my room anymore except for food and vocal therapy. We had been fighting more and more often I had developed a habit of sleeping all day and being up all night thanks to Samuel, Melissa, and John. Her main point about it was that school was going to start soon, but as soon as the school blew up she gave up fighting me. I was at vocal therapy when it happened I didn't even find out about it until I got home and saw the news.

At this point in time I was feeling very sorry for myself and very angry at the same time, it had been three months sense I had seen even head or tail of Melissa, john, or even worse Samuel. I had given up on him coming for me, I had been trying to get him out of my mind but it never worked, his smile would keep reappearing in my head, his voice, his eyes, his hair, everything about him, the dreams, they were also in my mind too. My memories never left me alone, I had managed to convince myself that if he really loved me he would have come to see me at least once sense I came home, I even went as far as thinking that all he wanted to do was get into my pants. I had a box of tissues with me, as usual, I missed my friends so much I would cry occasionally. There was knock on my door, I looked up, TJ was standing there in the door way; the horrible sound of my parents fighting downstairs again rose up from down stairs.

"Can I come in?" I nodded and he stepped into my room and closed the door. "How are you doing?" he asked as he sat behind me at the window bench.

"I,…am…..okay…." My voice was still a little scratchy and short words were my best friends, even though how I was really feeling went along the lines of 'lonely, miserable, I want a bowl of ice cream'

TJ nodded and rubbed my back. "You still miss him don't you?" He asked, I had told him about Samuel and my adventure while I was away and about the whole vampire thing, at first I wasn't going to tell him anything but when Aunt Bertha's neighbors found that she 'went missing' just after I came home and police started asking me questions I had to tell somebody and he was good at keeping secrets.

I nodded. "Yes, I….miss,….him….a lot." I stated slowly, my vocal cords hurt from being used like this for three hours straight, it would be a long time before I could speak full sentences with normal sized words again. I missed just having to think what I wanted to say and at least two people knew right away.

My brother looked concerned now. "Has he come to see you at all?" I shook my head no, a tear fell off of my face. "Hay no tears, he will come, he sounded like a nice guy, he will come to see you soon, I promise." He hugged me, he gave the best hugs; I will never forget them. I sniffled slightly, whipping my nose on a tissue I let go of him, I heard something outside my window, I pointed at it and TJ leaned over to look. "White guy, dark hair, suit, getting out of a car in front of the house, but that's it." He knew the dangers of the window at night, as far as I knew Vergal was at large again, I wasn't sure if he could track me from such a distance but there was always a chance.

I got up and looked out of the window next to him, there was a white guy in a suit he was coming up the walk, how strange, nobody ever came by this late at night, I looked at the clock on my desk, it was ten minutes until midnight, Mom and Dad were still up we could hear them still fighting down stairs through my door. We watched as the man pushed the doorbell, the yelling down stairs suddenly silenced. The door opened and we could hear some muttering downstairs. "Ana!!" Mom was calling me again, there was no way that the suited man was there for me but apparently I was wrong sense me and TJ were both running down the stairs like there was no tomorrow.

As we approached the bottom of the stairs we slowed to an almost stop, my mother was standing at the door an almost scowl on her face, she didn't want to deal with this anymore. "This man is asking for you Ana, would you like to talk to him today?" My mother was good for a couple of things; yelling, getting her way, and protecting her kids; if me or TJ didn't want to talk to someone then she would make them go away, getting her way, and if they gave her a problem she would yell at them then at their parents. "Sorry sir my daughter doesn't want to speak with you today, we can't help you." My mother stated as she watched me shake my head.

My mother started to close the door when the man stuck his foot in the way. "Madam, your daughter doesn't know the reason for my coming, I am the VJD rep. for Melissa Andrews and John Nicholas."

My father stepped in at that point, my father was a big man, being a retired military man he had muscles to spare. "No sir y daughter said no, now leave." I shook my head and walked towards the door. I touched my father's arm stopping him. My mother was no problem as soon as I started moving she opened the door again. My parents stood back in aw as I walked towards the man.

I opened my mouth but it was a few seconds before anything came out. "Badge." Finally the noise that sounded like words emerged from my mouth. The man flipped out his wallet then flipped it open letting me study the badge inside, it was a gold color and looked a lot like a police badge accept for the fact that it said 'Vampire Justice Department' across the top of the center design and on the banner along the bottom of the center design read 'Department of representatives' I nodded and pushed the door away from him to let him in. I looked to my mother and father and touched the man's arm. "Friend." They nodded and let him pass.

I led him into the living room where he sat down on the couch and waited for my mother, father and I to sit down across the coffee table from him. "Would you like something to drink?" My mother asked politely even though in her voice anybody could tell that she was a bit irritated that we had visitors this late at night. The man shook his head. "Well anything to eat?" My mother really didn't want to be here.

The man looked at her as if he was starting to get irritated at her. "No, thank you, I am really just here to talk to your daughter about important business," My parents nodded. The man watched them as if waiting for them to leave. "alone." My mother frowned.

My father spoke first. "I'm sorry but what you can say to her you can say to us too, or we can call our lawyer." I looked at my parents, and then nodded for them to leave. They frowned at me then got up and walked into the kitchen.

The man looked at me and smiled in thanks. "Now down to business," he reached into his coat pocket. "You know Melissa Andrews, John Nicholas, and Samuel Weathers." I nodded I had never really known any of their last names but it was cool to know. "What was the last you heard of them?" I picked up the paper and pen from the coffee table writing away explaining to him that the last I found out was that Kirien was charging Melissa and John for misconduct, Samuel for faulty reports and all three of them for conspiring a mutiny, the three of them were charging Kirien with abuses of power, and two accounts of endangerment of a human life A.K.A me. He nodded as he read the note. "Well what you know is all correct, all of the charges are listed correctly, but there was a problem, VJD investigated everything when they heard about Kirien Marshals abusing her rank, now the courts need you as a witness, will you testify in defense of Samuel Weathers, Melissa Andrews and John Nicholas, and against Kirien Marshals?" I nodded vigorously. If that meant helping Samuel, Melissa, and John then it was worth it. The man smiled, "Then pack your things we leave tonight,"

My father walked in his eyes widened. "She isn't going anywhere." I looked over at him over the chair I was sitting in and nodded. I went up the stairs my parents yelling at me the whole way.

I ignored them as I walked into my room. "Sir please park your car round the corner, I will be there soon and then we can leave." Soon after I heard the front door closed then TJ came in.

"Are you going to go with him?" I nodded as I pulled my suitcase from under the bed. "Is it because you think you will see Samuel?" I turned and looked at him I shook my head. "Are your really going to help your friends and him?" I nodded. "How long do you want me to cover for you?" I smiled and hugged him.

"As long as can." I said as I threw some clothes into the bag. TJ went and packed me an away bag in the bathroom as I grabbed my first aid kit, I knew I was going to need it. I could hear my parents starting to fight again, they wouldn't worry about me for a long while, even well into the morning, tons of time. I smiled as TJ walked back in with the small, poke-a-dotted bag. I hugged him as I opened the window. I turned back as TJ zipped up the last bit of my suitcase after putting the away bag in it. I grabbed up the bag and pushed it out the window, we both listened to see if mom or dad heard that, the sound of fierce arguing continued on, I went and hugged my brother again. "I,….love,…you" He smiled at me.

"I love you too, you be careful okay, you need me, send somebody to get me, or call okay?" I nodded as I sat on the windowsill. I looked back one last time smiling I jumped out of the window and landed on my feet, I looked up waved as my brother waved back and closed the window. I grabbed up my bag and ran around the corner and saw the car that the man had been driving, it started running as I approached, a door opened I threw in my bag and I jumped in, the car door closed and the nice car took off down the familiar street in the familiar neighborhood starting my second adventure in the world of the vampires, if only I knew right then that this adventure would send me slightly farther away from my love.