A/N: Yes I know it says prologue but its really how Kirien got out of prison like a revealing to the 'whoa how the hell did she get out of jail!!!' bit chapter 1 of book three will be coming soon!!

Kirien was escorted into her cell, Vergal's escape from court left her alone, the only one to serve the death sentences against her. "That little bastard, leaving me like that, I participated in his damn plan! Where is my reward! Walking off with Her." A scowl came across her face as she paced in front of the cell door.

A gruff voice called her attention to the back of the cell. "Well babe relax we might as well make the best of the time we have before we die, what do ya say?" the scum was sitting on the floor next to the toilet. Kirien glared, her eyes burned with fire in a way that could only be describe of a suddenly opened gate to hell. The man flinched from her gaze.

"You sicken me, you smell like toilet, and you're an idiot, why would I want anything to do with you, I am Captain Kirien Marshals of VCCTC you are just scum in a cell." She glared again and went back to her rant-like pacing.

The man stood up walking to her gruffly, getting up into her face. "If your so high and mighty prove it." His breath was rancid, like really old mayonnaise and mold. He waited for a second. "As I thought," He gave a toothy smile even though there weren't very many teeth left to give the smile and gripped Kirien's arms.

Kirien skillfully broke his grip and kneed him in the gut. She turned and ran up the wall, flying into a flip knocking the back of his head with her heel, sending her in a second flip to land on the ground lightly. She stood there, her black battle suit showed the defined muscles of her body, her shoulder length pink hair didn't even seem to be a strand out of place, her purple eyes glaring the tint of red around the edges glowing with the heat of battle. The man picked himself off the floor, he looked over his shoulder at her, anger in his eyes. He stood and tried to charge her, she jumped playing leap-frog with him, her legs spread to her sides. As he flew underneath her she used him to kick off pushing herself forward into a roll, managing to turn around now crouched facing him, though is back was once again to her. He turned again trying to charge again. Kirien did a sort of flip climbing up the cell door, the man tried to come to a firm stop but was sliding wildly, Kirien locked on foot behind his neck and kicked his chin with the other leg forcing him to stop dead in his tracks, she locked both legs around his neck and twisted sharply, there was a sickening popping sound that echoed through the cell, Kirien twisted the opposite way snapping the neck again snapping it off completely the head bounced on the floor with a sickening thud. She balanced there for a second or two with the headless corpse standing there the only thing supporting her up, the body started to lean back, Kirien pressed her shoes on the body like a surfer would a surf board, pushing off from the cell door riding the wind down towards the floor. Jumping into another roll before the corpse hit the ground.

She stood, running her fingers through her hair. She looked around at the three other men that were standing around. "Does anyone else have a problem?" They all shook their heads. "Good," she walked back to the corpse rummaging through his pockets seeing if there was anything that would be of interest to her. Nothing, nothing at all, this guy must have been in prison for a while. There was a light across the floor, Kirien looked up seeing the moon through a set of bars. Kirien smiled looking the corpse over for the correct width and length. She picked up the arm with two fingers and looked it over; she dropped the arm and walked over to the concrete and steel blended wall, chips of steel shined in the dim light. Kirien reached down and took off her heel, holding the toe side in her hand she swiped the heel end up across the wall sending sparks across the room, the men now standing in the corner together jumped and flinched at the sudden light. Kirien looked it over, seeing that one whole side of her heel was cut cleanly into a sharp edge. She smiled at her handy work, flipping the shoe over and slicing it up again causing more sparks. Again checking her work the heel was now cut into a blade, sharp and ready for the cut, putting the shoe back on she found that it was a lot more comfortable to stand on as well. Taking her other shoe scraping it against the wall the same, forming a sort of spike on it, she gracefully walked over to the corpse.

She looked at the men in the corner gave them a sly smile, her eyes burning like the gates of hell again. She stabbed her spike heel into the corpse arm making a horrible sound like a cross between a screech and a snapping. The men flinched, making her smile more. Placing her knife like heel just under the armpit she quickly pulled backwards, there was no sound at all it was like cutting paper, Kirien pulled her heel out of the arm and picked up the hunk of bone, and muscle walking over to the window, wedging the upper arm between the bars. After moving it every few seconds until she was satisfied with the angle, she started a run towards the wall, running up it and catapulting herself into a two legged kick into the dismembered arm there was a bending sound as she landed on the floor the lower half of the arm stuck to her shoes. Kirien looked back at the bars of the window, the upper half of the arm was still wedged between the bars but had bent them from the sudden shock of Kirien's flying kick. She smiled and pulled the arm out the window. The men started to come from their corner. "Hello Ms. Captain madam, would we be able to come with you to escape this place."

Kirien rolled her eyes as she crouched down to leap up onto the sill. "Let me think about it…" She leaped then began to squeeze through. She stood just outside the window looking out at the grass for any guards. She turned back to the cell window bending down to look through. "Could you hand me that?" She gestured to the dismembered arm that was now broken in two. The men gleefully gave her the arm piece. Which she wedged back between the bars bending them back to the original placing, she kneeled down looking in on the stunned men. "Sorry boys, you all smell like toilet, I don't have anything to do with you." With that she stood looking up at the clouds now covering the moon. A few drops of rain falling on her face. The men inside were trying to find a way to fashion a blade like she had, she shook her head and took off into the trees.

The allies were dark and a dog barked at her as she went by, the quiet neighborhood was far too innocent for her taste. The rain was pouring, Kirien was suddenly over come with an overwhelming feeling of loss, she hardly remembered why she hated Ana so much, she was just bent on killing her, making sure that Ana's blood was soaked up by the putrid ground. She sat on the curb looking out at the park across the street. Jealousy, she figured, Ana had everything, humanity, love, Samuel, and a beating heart. What did Kirien have? Two death sentences and a sentence to eternal torture, and now that she had broken out of jail she would most likely get another death sentence. She remembered back to before Ana came, she had everything going for her, she had her job during the night and Samuel next to her during the day while they either worked on their case or were busy with other activities. But then the fight happened she said things she didn't mean, then he left, was gone for weeks and then he called for help, bringing that girl with him. Then everything went to hell, her heart still burned for him, her skin needed his touch, her lips yearned for his. She was a slave to him, to his love. And she would never be free, and she knew it. She was better off dead.

Tears streamed down her face, her heart finally breaking, her mind finally realizing it, he would never come back. He wanted Ana, not her. The rain suddenly stopped hitting her, a voice soothing and cold called her back to reality. "Join me." A hand reached to her, she looked up into the face, and Vergal smiled down at her an umbrella over his head. Kirien took hold of his hand, allowing him to pull her up. "Come now Kirien, there is a funeral tomorrow evening that we have to attend." With that the pair walked off, into the dark of the night preparing, planning their next actions, their next attacks.