My name is Anna. Anna Yamaame.

I'm a pretty average kid, I guess.

Well, actually, I lied. I'm not. At least, not to people like you.

You see, I'm a witch. That's right, a real live, 100 percent pure witch. Before you ask, no, not like Harry Potter. It was a great book, don't get me wrong, I'm absolutely obsessed with the series- but it's nothing like what really is. Nothing. I have never used a quill, I don't own a wand, and I don't take a train to my school from a magical platform that no one can see.

I wish I did, though. That would be so cool. Nope, our magic is completely different.

It's a bit like science, actually. Well, at least my magic is.

See, everyone has a different magical ability-kind of like... how can I describe it... an area of expertise. However, unlike the aforementioned comparison, you're born with the ability- it shapes your looks, your way of thinking... certain things about your personality, even! There's about five or six main abilities, and lots of other little ones, so to spare you, I'll just go over the main ones quickly.

First off there are Weathervanes. They're the most common, and their job sucks- they control the weather. I know, sounds like fun- believe me, it's not. The WCC (Weather Control Center) is incredibly boring, and it's actually a really difficult job, because there is only so much cloud cover to go around. That's why there are so many droughts all the time (although sometimes it's because the WCC is on holiday, and someone forgot to turn the switch). Weathervanes tend to be relatively calm and knowledgeable- kind of like the nerdy group at your average high school- but not all of them are ugly. As a matter of fact, I've met some rather attractive Weathervanes.

Second are the Muses. I'm sure you've heard of them. They think that they're so amazing because they inspire beautiful things. Please. Edison absolutely ignored his Muse, you know. She had told him to be a writer. He decided to invent the lightbulb instead. They're usually incredibly stunning, very artistic, and people say they're very hard to hate. Somehow, I manage to do so; I think I deserve a medal.

Third are the Angels. The poor dears, they're sweet as sugar but often really naive. Occasionally there's a sensible one, but they usually get snapped up and sent to the highest level of the Angel hierarchy as possible. Their job is kept under wraps- only the Angels know what goes on. Usually (although this doesn't seem to be the problem with any other ability), Angels marry Angels- things get complicated otherwise, considering they have to keep completely mum about their jobs. There are still plenty of Angels that marry outside of the Angelica (which is like the capitol building for the Angels), or else they would all end up marrying their distant cousins at some point, but those marriages never last.

Trust me. I know.

Fourth, the Imps. They're absolutely, amazingly great. They steal things, move objects- wreak general havoc on things. You should have seen Kanye West's face when they swiped his favourite pillowcase. The man practically cried!

And finally (I know this is boring loves, but stay with me here), there are the Replacers. They fix almost everything that the imps change (although I know for a fact that they left the pillowcase thing alone, my aunt was on that case), and make sure that things stay relatively normal and balanced.

What am I?

I'm a bit of a rare type-an Essential. It's a bit complicated, but basically Essentials take things around them and change them by messing around with their essence. For example, I want a glass of water, and all I have in front of me is a container to put it in. I take the air around me, withdraw the oxygen, pick up stray hydrogen, and wham! There's your H2O. Like I said, my ability involves science. It's nowhere near as rare as say, a Necromancer (they bring back the dead, but there's very few of them left), or as cool as an Elemental (They control the elements. Not only the Sun, Water, Wind, Fire type elements, but the Periodic Table elements as well. I think there's even an Element of Surprise!), but I'm ok with that.

After all, my ability was enough to get me into Aimsley. Aimsley's like the Harvard or Stanford of American magical academies. They don't get a lot of Weathervanes there, I'll tell you that much. Aimsley's in the North U.S- Michigan, actually. It floats in Lake Michigan most of the time, although they apparently do dock quite often. This'll be my first year there (I'm going into what your people would call high school), and I'm still a bit nervous, so please excuse my rambling.

I live in Hawaii. Yeah, it's not exactly in the same climate range as Michigan. Actually, the coldest it gets where I live is about 38 degrees Fahrenheit- a toasty warm for the tourists who come from Minnesota (actually, there have been a lot of those lately...) and the rest of the Northern States.

At this point (if you're even still reading) you may be thinking, "Where is this going?"

I'll tell you where it's going. This story is about me and my new life at Aimsley Academie for Gifted Beings.

So hang on tight, lovelies-because believe me, it's one hell of a ride.