How to say the names you see! Weee!

Meced (Meh-ked (like kid only eh instead….)
Raislek (Rise-leck)

Kona (ko-nah) ha-ha!

Frijtiz (Fridge-tiz)

Axel (You should know how)

Ellien (el-lee-en)

"Let's watch the play of the world's destruction on the stage called earth. Quiet now, the play's begun."

"You sleep far too much, you know that right?" I heard someone call out near by. I could feel the warm light on my face from the spring sun above. The bugs were a dull noise in the background and the grass was soft under me, making it easy to sleep. I shifted slightly when I heard the familiar voice speak and a smile grew across my face as I replied
"Maybe I'm narcoleptic." There was movement from the person above me as they sat down beside me. I lay stretched out on the long grass that stretched for awhile beside the river before cement took over.

"You'll never get anything done if all you do is sleep." They replied with some humor. I opened my eyes and shifted my gaze toward my friend next to me. He had an interesting color of hair which he had dyed a couple years back. His hair was a pretty almost light yet soft blue roots that darkened to a deep royal purple at the tips. His eyes were violet amber with a kind and caring look to them. I always had a habit of staring at them; of course it annoys him sometimes. Besides these eccentric colors he has, he was a pretty boy with a great face and figure; albeit slightly feminine. A lot of people liked his pretty face too. Not only did he have the looks but he had intelligence and kindness along with them, sort of the perfect guy in a way. Though some people thought he was only acting to be popular. I was one of his true friends, one he could trust any secret with and does. I knew everything about him, his past and secret desires. You'd be surprised at how much there is. No one knew him better then I did. His name was Raislek Xuxa and although his last name is Chinese he was born and raised in Japan. He is only half Chinese after all. We're both the same age, though I'm slightly older, we are currently by looks seventeen. We are both third years at Meisei high in Tokyo. Raislek is always worrying about which college he'll get into but as for me I don't really care. I don't intend to go to college.

"Is sleeping so bad?" I asked him. His smile never once faltered.

"Well for you, it just might be." One of my eyebrows rose slightly.

"Oh but in your case you can sleep even in class as you please?"

"Of course, I'm their little honor student, I deserve to sleep sometime right?" I chuckled at this.

"Careful with that attitude, you might become somewhat of a narcissist that way and then none of the girls would fancy you, most of them anyway." He smiled and flicked my forehead then stood up.

"I'm not like you; I do what I'm supposed to before even thinking of sleeping." I followed suit and stood as well.

"So what brings the insomnia ridden honor student to the narcoleptic delinquent?" I asked, changing the subject. I moved my hands to rest them within the pockets in my Japanese style uniform. Unlike Raislek I didn't dye my hair; it was still its brown color, although messy from me sleeping all the time. And much to majorities disbelief my eyes were a natural deep ruby color. Because of this I couldn't go to certain schools and when I was younger made many visits to the doctors. They still don't understand how but do have some stupid theory that I had no interest in remembering. I always wore black fingerless gloves, regardless if I had on my uniform or street clothes. Currently school for today was over but Raislek had clean up duty with Sosana-chan and so I waited here near by the school for him to finish. In the end I fell asleep beside the river.

"Can't I visit my childhood friend after school, or am I not good enough anymore?" I slung my left arm over his shoulders and shifted my weight onto him.

"Now Raislek, you make it sound like we're an old couple bickering." He smiled and started back up to the street with his backpack in hand. I dropped my arm to my side before returning inside my pocket once more.

"Of course, Kona," he called back to me, "Isn't that the point?" I snickered at this old joke and followed him up to the street.
"How was clean-up duty?" He shook his head.

"Sosana-chan was sure talkative today, though I hope she's alright, she hurt her hand but insisted she didn't need to go to the nurse's office." I wasn't very surprised, she was a clumsy girl whose clumsiness got worse the more nervous she got. I voiced as much. Raislek sighed.

"Kona, don't be so mean, she's nice to you isn't she?" I just shrugged.

"She's still nice even when I'm not to her." Raislek shook his head.

"You're almost a hopeless cause." I smiled and took my hands out of my pocket to place them over and behind my head. Raislek watched me. He looked to be thinking about something. After awhile of watching him with that annoying thoughtful look on his face I asked,


"Where's your backpack? It's not with you." I blinked.

"Oh, I must have left it at school somewhere, or maybe I didn't go to school with it. I don't really remember." Raislek sighed. "Anyway let's get something to eat." Raislek shakes his head.

"Sorry, I have to make dinner tonight so I have to get home. You can come over and stay for dinner though."

"Then that's what I'll do! Not like there's really anything to eat at home for me anyway."

I opened my eyes and looked at the clock. 5 a.m. I carefully weaved out of Raislek's grip and got out of his bed. I picked up my clothes off the ground and started to put them on. As I was putting my gloves on a hand reached out and clung to my uniform pants. I looked to see a sleepy and naked Raislek half sitting up in bed. "Don't go yet." He mumbled. I smiled and gently pulled his hand off my clothes then bent down over him.

"I have work to go to; I'm already going to be late." Raislek pulled me down onto him.

"Be late." He mumbled. I kissed his lips lightly before pulling myself up.

"You made me late last week; I don't want to be late again. Besides if I hurry your father will give me a ride back to my house so I can change." He gave me a sleepy pouting look that earned him another kiss. "Don't worry; I'll be by after work... and school. So quit pouting, it makes me want to ravish you." He smiled at me and lay back into the pillow pulling the covers more up. He then went back to sleep. After he'd fallen asleep I headed downstairs quickly and made it just as Raisleks' father was leaving. He kindly gave me a ride home. As you would have guess by now, me and Raislek are indeed together. We have been for over 2 years now. And this is why I know Raislek better then anyone. As I had changed onto some street clothes there was a knock at my apartment door. Wondering who would be here at 5:47 a.m. I opened the door. My eyes narrowed as I saw one of my cousins there. It was Meced. She had purple hair and her bangs were blue. She wore a ribbon wrapped around her left arm. Meced was older than me in looks, as she looked to be in her 20's she wore skimpy clothes consisting of a purple mini skirt with a black belt and a purple shirt. She also wore calf-high boots that were black. "Meced. Why are you here?" She was often the messenger for us. See, she's not blood related to me. But we were all created from the same people. We are genetically manufactured experiments. Meced has the ability to morph any part of her body while I have the ability of speed, or in any case move any object I wish even myself at the speed of a bullet.

"There are problems at home I was told to collect all shards." That was the name we had given ourselves, there is about 200 of us and we no longer follow orders from our creators. We now take orders from Mother who is the first of our kind and the most dangerous. I was surprised and began to object, I did not want to leave Raislek behind.


"No, it is important you come back to Gai world. Do whatever you must to make it necessary for you to come, but you must come now." I sighed and let Meced in. She came in and sat in a chair in my living room.

"Are these direct orders from Mother?" I asked. She nodded. It seems I had no choice in the matter.

"Fine, but I want Raislek to come as well." She nodded at my request.

"It will be done." With that we both left the house. I locked the door and we headed off in a dead run. It took awhile but we were fast, we finally reached a building owned by us that held the gate we shards used. Heading in we were quickly lead to the gate. Steeping onto it we vanished in the swirling blue light and appeared in the realm called Gai. We were currently in Seal country in the capital city called Celestial City. "Head to our home. I have other shards still to get. Tell Frijtiz your request she will bring him here." I headed to the villa where the shards house would be found. I found Frijtiz waiting for me in front of the gate.

"Meced tells me you have a request." She said as I walked what.

"Yeah, could you bring Raislek here? Oh and do you know what's going on?" She nodded solemnly.

"I will bring him as you request. And as for what's going on there's something out there that wants all shards dead. You will understand what I mean when you see the state Axel is in when I say that it's capable of hurting us. That's why the shards are to gather so we will be hiding for awhile." She then turned and walked toward the gate where I had come from. I headed into the building and was met by a frantic Ellien who was running into a room.

"Hey Ellien, you know where Axel is, right?" I asked. She stopped and looked back.

"He's in here." She said as she continued in. I followed. What I saw surprised me. We Shard's have immense healing abilities beyond possibilities and it was hard to hurt us at all, especially Axel who's had huge amounts of power. Seeing him in the state he was in made me understand right away what Frijtiz meant. Someone out there was capable of killing us, and had every intention to.