A/N: Thanks for being patient with me! I hope you like this ending. I do plan to write another story probably by summer

Ron had made in through the window and dropped down onto the floor form the ledge. Immediately, he spotted some crates and made another make shift stairs.

"Okay Tom! Climb up!"

About a minute later, Tom had successfully climbed through the window and was helped down by Ron

"Whew!" Tom gasped, "Don't think I'd like to do that everyday!"

"Come on let's look around"

The boys then spotted the door with the hissing sound coming from it. It was a propane tank and it was sure enough booby-trapped! Ron carefully turned the valve closed

"Now what?" Tom asked, looking around

"Hello! Anybody here!"

He paused and yelled again. He heard silence. Then Tom nudged him

"Shhhh! I heard something, like a high-pitched squeal. Over that way"

The boys made it over to another part of the large garage and Ron called out again. This time the noises got louder

"There's someone tied up in there!"

"Or somebodies"

Ron checked the door carefully before opening it. But once he opened it, his eyes widened with anxiety. He saw Jimmy, Julie, Gina and two Policemen all bound and gagged with a ticking clock that was now reading 4:00:55…54…53

Ron gulped as he looked at Tom. Jimmy and the others grunted at the sight of them, with the girls almost bouncing with tears of joy. The only question was, were they too late?

"What do we do now?" Tom asked "The Calvary should be here by now"

"We don't have time" Ron replied as he went over and pulled the gags from the two officer's mouths

"How do we disarm it?" Ron asked "Any ideas guys?"

"They didn't teach us all that much at the Academy" one of the cops said

"Oh great" Tom asked, "What happened here anyway?"

"The Carroll's came back and jumped us, and put us in here with the girls. Then her Uncle showed up"

"We need to un cuff you" Ron added

"They took our keys and smashed our radios"

"That's why we didn't see your car out there, they must have escaped in it"

Julie and Gina squealed louder as the bomb kept ticking down …3:00:29…28…27…

Guys, you can chitchat later…. the bomb??…

"We have to do this Tom" Ron said. "Call their station on your phone and have them talk to somebody about what's going on here"

"Don't tell me you're going to work on that alone?" Tom quizzed as he dialed the number the one cop gave him

"Hurry up" was Ron's only reply as he turned his attention to the crude explosive device. He then looked at the girls, who despite being safe from the Carroll's were still terrified of being killed in a few short minutes as for the bomb clock had ticked just under two minutes. Tom had got a hold of the station and then put his phone up to one of the officer's ear.

"This is Marshall…yeah…listen…we have trouble…. The Carroll's have escaped…But we have another more pressing issue…I have a bomb here…we need to diffuse it…..hello…hello??"

"The signal's gone Ron!" Tom shouted "Now what?"

"Help me over here then"

"You've got to be kidding me Ron"

"Look, we have no time. I have no idea when the forces are going to show up and the phone won't go through here…so let's go on instincts"

"Instincts?…Ronald, if I didn't love you so much….." Julie thought letting out a squeal.

After looking at it for several moments, Ron looked at the cops

"We have three wires, black, red and blue"

"If I know anything, black is a ground" Marshall replied "It has to be one of the others"

"Red usually is bad" Tom added

"How do you know that?"

"The movies"

"The movies?…guys, this is real…oh my God, you better be right…"

Sweat started collecting on each of their foreheads as the clock menacingly ticked lower and lower


"I wish they would get here!" Ron shouted as he shook his head

"Concentrate buddy, it's just us"


Ron took a hold of the blue wire and started to pull it.

"I need to cut it with something!"

Quickly Tom looked around and saw nothing. He then flew out of the room and returned within seconds

"Found it!" he shouted as he gave Ron a small pair of pliers

"It'll have to do I guess"

Ron then took the pliers and twisted and pulled the blue wire until it was almost frayed. Everybody closed their eyes as the clock ticked under ten seconds. 9…8…7…6…5…

Suddenly the wire snapped in two. 4…3 . Then nothing. Tom looked at Ron and gave him a high five

"See! Just like the movies!"

The prisoner's let out a sigh of relief as Tears of joy flooded Julie's eyes. Her and Gina no longer needed to worry that their young lives would be snuffed out ever so cruelly

"Okay let's get everybody loose and hopefully we'll get good news about the Carroll's arrest"

Tom freed Jimmy, while Ron freed Julie and Gina

"Oh Ron…" Julie stammered hoarsely as her gag was freed "Thank God!"

"Baby, don't try and talk"

"You two are crazy" Jimmy said as he rubbed his wrists "But I don't think we had a choice"

Soon Gina and Julie's wrists and ankles were free from the harsh ropes. Immediately Julie threw her herself into Ron's arms and cried like a baby. Ron then looked at Julie's wrists and rubbed them for feeling, as the rope had cut deep without mercy.

"Are you okay?" Tom asked Gina. Her only reply was a giant hug that caught him off guard

"Thank you" she sobbed

"Hey" Jimmy shouted "We need to find something to cut these cuffs on them" The boys were obviously occupied "Never mind, I'll look"

"I thought I would never see you again" Julie said, "I was so scared"

"Shhh!" Ron said as he put his finger to her lips, soon her lips kissed Ron and the two embraced in a long kiss that had everybody smiling. Just then Jimmy came back into the room with some cutters

"I think I heard a siren out front"

"It's about time" Ron replied as he looked at the two cops. Soon, Jimmy had cut their cuffs in half. Ron and Tom helped the exhausted girls out the door and into the bigger part of the garage. Everyone's joy had soon turned to horror as the Carroll's had returned, their guns trained on everyone!

"I knew something was wrong when we heard no explosion, thankfully we have a pig mobile to travel in"

"Oh my God!" Julie shouted as she grabbed Ron "Please no!"

"Shut up you little bitch! You're the reason you're all here now!"

"Don't you dare call her that!" Ron shouted before Ed kneed him in the midsection causing Ron to double over in pain

"Ron! Ron!" Julie shouted hysterically

"Now I think little damsel in distress here should watch her hero die, don't you think?" Danni sneered, cocking her gun


"Everyone lie on the floor, face down" Ed commanded "We're going to do this right this time"

"Oh my God!!" Julie shouted again "Please!!"

Just then voices filled the air. The reinforcements had arrived! Ed shot at them, but took a hit in the midsection and fell over.

"Drop it Miss Caroll! Drop it!…now!"

Danni started to squeeze the trigger, when suddenly Jimmy carefully reached over and grabbed her leg, causing her to fall. The gun went flying across the room. He then tackled her and made a fist

"I would love to hit you lady, but I'm too much of a man"

Jimmy then got off of her and tightly hugged his niece as Danni was roughly handcuffed.

"What about Ed?" Julie asked

"He's dead" said one of the cops "They won't be causing any more trouble for anyone"

"You haven't seen the last of me!" Danni sneered, trying to get in the last word "You hear me!"

"Get her the hell out of here and book her!"

"We're all going to need statements from everyone later" The cop said as he left the room

"It's all over honey" Jimmy said to Julie, hugging her. Ron then joined them in a three way hug. "It's all over"

Gina then hugged Tom again

"My hero too"

"I didn't do much" he said kind of shyly

"Oh bite your tongue. I'm Gina. Gina Mancuso"

"I know. I'm Tom Farrell"

Gina then let out a snicker & rolled her eye

"I know"

"Listen, want to go out sometime when everything gets back to normal?"

Gina then gave a look to Ron and Julie who couldn't be happier to hear that comment

"I would love to Tom!" she added, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

"Double date!" Julie added drawing a giggle from the girls

"Okay guys" Jimmy said "I guess it's time to wrap all of this up"

As everybody then started to go outside for their statements, Julie and Gina looked at each with relieved looks and hugged each other. Their long nightmare was over and life couldn't be better