dreaming of dreams coated silver and pure
i gave up those hopes long ago
plagues and nightmares chasing me
around surgery tables with my motionless body laying on top, chest ripped open spattered blood covering
white walls
look a little closer, is the heart still beating?
eyelids flicker a glance of recognition and i'm back into
the REM dreamworld haunted by backwards clocks endless in motion

wasting time dreaming about time
and the borderline of sanity and insanity
the space in between heaven and hell where the poor, poor mortals have fallen.

could i meet you there,
stuck in between time?
fault lines quake global erosion as my eyes open,
present the childishly eager sponge of clean conscience to this bloody, grimy world
with white angel dresses tinged with mud and gore, once gleaming halo ringed with
bloody fingertips selfish hands, even worse intentions.
concentrate control observe the scene of murder, of your murder
did you think it would be flawless?
did you believe your final destination would be heaven?
your thoughts surpass my sins.
'welcome to hell.'

i hope you crash and fucking burn.