Forgotten Memories

"Go to this party with me," said Oscar. He was dressed in a black fishnet shirt, tight blue jeans, and black vans. He curled his hair around his index finger.

"No. I have more important things to do than party with gay boys and bitch ass hoes." She hung her bag loosely on her shoulder. Never did she want to go to parties because as always she would burrow fancy clothes just to show them off and lie about them.

"Damn, your being a snob today." He stopped messing with his hair and stopped where he stood. "I want you to go anyway, Ashley."

She sighed and shook her head yes then rolled her eyes. She really had nothing to wear; she could throw something together and say its something new or just…

"Hey, I got this skirt that won't fit so it's yours." He took his backpack off his back and opened it. Carefully he pulled out the skirt, and then shoved it towards her. She grabbed it then quickly put it in her bag. "I gots to go. Bye. Kiss kiss..." After she kissed his cheek, she walked ahead.

Now with a miracle, she had a bottom and now all she needed was a shirt and some sexy ass shoes.

Hours later, she stood outside the house. Nervously she rubbed her hands together. Ringing the doorbell again, she waited.

After leaving Oscar at his hose, she hurried up and walked home. As always, Ashley would crane her neck just to make sure nobody was looking then quickly ran across the street into her house.

Her house had three broken windows and torn ugly ass curtains. She lived with her father who was a sorry excuse for one. He was Thomas Trinidad, the richest man to make a radio, but not just a regular one, a one with music videos included. However, like all successful people everyone got tired of it so stop buying it. He got rich faster and poorer quicker.

She unlocked the door and went inside. The stench of old leftovers hit her nose and she almost threw up. Holding her nose, she went inside her father's room.

He laid on the bed, watching T.V clicking through the channels. Nervously, she walked back out until her father's eyes looked at her.

"Where you going?" he asked. Sitting up, turning down the volume.

"I might go to this party later."

Ashley watched as her father rolled his eyes and turned his attention to the T.V. (that was currently showing Finding Nemo.)

She had quickly ran to her room and changed. Her hair had released from the ponytail she had it in earlier and hung loosely past her shoulders. The shirt she picked out was a blue mid-drift that hugged her C-cup breast while showing off her pierced belly button. Her black jeans hugged her ass just right. Her black heels made her legs look longer and sexier. She then told her dad bye and left.

She pushed the doorbell again, tapping her foot to the loud music that was inside.

Finally, the door opened to reveal Damian.

He had his blonde-brown hair spiked up. His black shirt held a skull upon it, while his blue jeans matched his skull belt.

"Look it's you."

"Damian get the hell out of my way," she smirked.

He stepped back as she walked in.

Damian watched as Ashley walked her way over towards the bar. He cocked his head to the side, licking his lips as her ass bounced. He shook his head and closed the door.

Suddenly as he turned around he saw his best friend, Javier, walk over towards him.

"Hey DB, you saw Ashley right? I'm not hallucinating am I?"

Damian shook his head and headed over towards the stero that blasted "Hood Figga" He cranked it up louder then said" Yeah, Damn she fine. Her ass might be just bigger than her breast."he waited a second then laughed,"Nah! Her boobs are bigger than her ass."

Javier looked at Damian and shook his head. He sipped from his cup, that he had picked up earlier and put it down on top of the stero. It was at least a mintue before he groaned.

Oscar made his way over towards them sporting short shorts and tight shirt. His hair was pulled back by jell and hairspray.

"Hey boys, you seen Ash yet?,asked Oscar.

"Yea. She over there at the bar."

Before Oscar said anything he was pushed by two other guys. He was about to protest, but left.

"What's up dudes," said Damian. He slapped one of the guys hands.

"Nothing homie. Did you see that fine girl over there? Damn I got a boner, just thinking about it"

"Yeah, we seen her," said Javier. He turned around and pulled out the mix cd, replacing it with another one.

"How about we make a bet. To see who sleeps with her first and whoever does gets five-hundred dollars from me."

Damian shook his head and rubbed his hands together. Then quickly he headed over towards Ashley, who was dancing to the music. He tapped her on the shoulder and whispered into her ear."Meet me upstairs." She turned around and raised her eyebrow. Then biting her bottom lip she grabbed his hand.

Before going up the stairs, he grabbed the nearest drink and took it with him. He smiled as he thought of how she would look naked.

Finally finding a empty room, that didn't have a orgy in it, he opened the door. He laughed as Ashley walked in crashing on the bed.

Quickly he turned around and dropped a blue pill inside of the drink. Bubbles and foam rose to the top. He blew on some of the foam that was overflowing on the cup.

"Hey, Damian want to know secret?" whispered Ashley. She took one long glance at Damian then started to giggle.

"Sure." He made his way over towards her, placing the drink on one of the dressers that was nearby.

"I'm not rich... anymore, the buyers stop buying," she giggled out. Damian got closer and closer, placing his hands on Ashley's thigh.

Suddenly not knowing, Ashley leaned in closer and kissed him.

"Hey why you do that man. You know that Damian is going to go for it," asked Javier. He raised his eyebrow at the girl near him, who gave him a playful smile.

"So, I don't give a flying fudge. He should have never moved up on my girl," said one of the guys.

"That's wrong. Ashley is going to whup is azz." Javier started to tap his foot to the music that started to play.

"That's his problem."

"Your moving alittle to fast aren't you."

Ashley shook her head no while taking off her shirt. Her black bra laid out infront of him. He couldn't help but stare. He felt how tight the jeans were and he didn't like it at all. Being carefull, he sat up and grabbed the drink, but only for her to knock him back down causing it to spill on him.

"I'm sorry." It was complete pause before she said anything else."Let's get you out of these wet clothes."

Quickly she yanked his shirt of of him, throwing the shirt on the floor. Then in a hurry she pulled off her pants before he unbuttoned his.

"I'm"she giggled out again.

Javier looked at the stairs nervously. It had been two hours since Damian and Ashley went up there. He turned around and stalked over near the bar. He heard giggling and then whispering. He grabbed his drink and moved closer.

After awhile, he was about to leave untill he heard Damian's name.

"No way. I don't believe you"

"Yeah. Ashley was like so inlove with Damian and then he so cheated on her with Drake's girlfriend."

"Trina was with Damian?Eww. He is such a jerk. He told me I would be smarter if my thong wasn't up my ass all the time."

Javier chuckled to himself, that had Damian written all over it. He crushed the cup and threw it away untill he heard something else.

"But anyway, Before Ashley went out with Damian, she had asked out Javier. He turned her down."

"What!" said the other girl who started to walk inside, past Javier.

"You heard me, but as I was saying. He turned her down so just before Ashley and Damian went upstairs, Ashley talked to Drake into placing a fake bet into making Javier jealous. Drake agreed knowing Damian would do it. Now their upstairs bumping uglies and girl supposely before he cheated they already had sex. Ashley remembered because she came crying to me the next day but Damian he smokes and drinks so much he forgot."

"Wow, I hate to be Javier right now."

Javier's mouth dropped almost hitting the floor. He ran past the girls, up the stairs, but was to late to tell him. He was already out of the room, walking past him smiling.