she's dying to feel anything,
it's overrated, maybe a little understated.
wishes washed in silken springs,
freshly laundered, oh-so-clean.
she'd lost all glimmer, lost all shine,
but never wished she'd took her time.
she's dreaming in black and white,
with the soundtrack of her broken life;
(her father's beat up eight-tracks,
left to a fate worse than knick-knacks.)
she knows no hope;
is ready to give up,
it's the only way to pretend enough.
breaking down, breaking out;
riots ensue, no paramount.
lived too fast, fell too far,
laughed too little, cried too hard.
twilight tears, starlight fears
remembered nothing but the jeers.
moonlight strolls, sunrise tolls,
just the pretense of having goals.
she died to feel anything.
and now she rests
upon an angel's wing.