Save Your Lies

by, Cassandra

Too few tries, and far too many lies... you killed any chance of making this right. Now pick yourself up off the dirty ground, and face yourself in the mirror. Meet your own eyes, and try telling yourself the lie that you told me... "Everything's fine."

Do you believe it anymore then I did?

Your voice didn't break, but your eyes gave you away. They're screaming, screaming, screaming "This is all a lie." They're dying, dying, dead inside. I can see it. I don't believe it. Why do you hide behind your lies? Why won't you let anyone see you cry?

You killed any chance you have of making this right.

I see through the mask now. All those cracks are crying, crying, crying out "Save me, catch me, don't let me break." I'd hold on if only you'd let me close enough to touch, to know... to help. Just let me help. Save your lies for someone who doesn't see the truth shining in your eyes.

Do you believe them anymore then I do?

You can't lie to yourself.