my sin(k) dripping a pure black liquid;
eyeliner running slowly down the drain
the black water drops looking similar to your eyes…

my face once darkened by shadows
becomes pale and untainted again
light rays fall over the floor in glory…

my uncovered s(k)in shines and
is condemned for its simple existence
mixed with its brokenness, and impurity

but the silver head above my own
showered my (im)purity with
(un)polluted transparency; andreflections
reflections made of truth, faith, and forgiveness.

…(foreign) concepts that seem to rain
all around the earth but never touch a living soul
their hands now sliding across the small of my heart
the small that is growing larger…

the toilet near me flushes out the scum
of the place and my s(k)in gets warmer…
melting beneath the heating vent and evaporating
into the thin air providing me with sustenance

steps take me out the door to a fresh place
one of emptiness, purity, and light
one without coffee stains ruining my lovely
(present) place without unhappiness

and the shadow of the day
when the lights first came up
and both sun and purity awoke
the day i found the dawn
lives in me.

and the memory of the blackness,
shadows and sin(k)s don't haunt me any longer.

they diminish with the shadows
as the heavens exhale their breath…
blowing the memories away.