I watched him, rage building in my brain. I hated everything about him. The way his hair stood up at the back; the way his eyes sparkled the same way they do in movies; the way people stopped to watch him as he went past; how when he looked at you, he seemed to be looking at something he really wanted, like he really cared what you thought. But the one thing I hated, more than anything, was how everyone loved him.

"I honestly don't see what's not to like!" my friend Josie told me, after once again catching me glaring at him across the cafeteria.

"Well that's lucky for you" I replied.

"Seriously! It's not like you've ever said more than 2 words to him!"

"How can anyone be happy every single minute of every single day!? It's unnatural!"

"Well, just because you're the Queen of Mood Swings, Val…" she says, grinning cheekily

I gave her a look that quite plainly said, stop talking if you wish to see your next birthday. She read my expression, and did as it said. Sadly, my other friends had missed this cue and continued to press the matter.

"Oh my god, maybe she's in love with him!" Molli cried, after a moment of silence.

I shook my head violently, miming vomiting. I'd had 3 boyfriends in the past. I knew exactly what it felt like to be in love. It was all flowers and happiness. It made you feel sick to the stomach, but not in a bad way. This was quite the opposite. Every time I saw him I just wanted to go and rip that stupid smile off his face, and to show everyone that he wasn't the nice little boy that they thought he was.

This wasn't love, it was pure loathing.

I decided that, before I ripped my friend's heads off, I'd go to the library. After grabbing my science books from my locker, I wandered towards the large brick building, my head in the clouds. It's really no wonder I ran into someone, spilling my books everywhere.

"Oh god I'm so sorry!"

Well that was a surprise. Normally people run in the opposite direction after knocking other people over. The fact that this person had apologized was enough to put me in a good mood. I turned to them, ready to graciously accept their apology, until I saw who it was.

My good mood disappeared in a flash.

"What the hell is wrong with you?"

He stepped back, confused.

"Maybe if you watch where you're going you won't have to apologize in future!" I bent down, snatching my books back from all angles. When I was standing again, I gave him my best death glare and snatched my final pen out of his hand.

"Ok," he said cautiously. "I'll try that next time"

He finished with a smile, which only infuriated me more. Storming away, I think:

Number 52 on my list of things that piss me off about Hayden – he's way too agreeable.