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My Wings Were Long Broken. . .

Dark Angel


"I hate this place, I hate everything about it, and I hate you most of all," Brielle spat as she turned towards Geoffrey.

He stared at her with stony gray eyes. A smooth smirk slid across his lips as he crossed his arms, watching the moonlight cascade through the open window striking Brielle's raven black hair, making it shine brilliantly.

"Do you think that any of that matters to me? Hmmm? Do you think that what you want and what you hate mean anything to me in the end?" he demanded, his voice deadly quiet.

Brielle listened, outlined in moonlight, brilliant silver eyes defiant. His dark shadowy form slowly began to take steps towards the light, revealing his blonde-white hair and stony gray eyes. Those eyes captured her face in and instant, holding her gaze to his despite herself. She so badly wanted to look away, to find herself, but couldn't. His voice continued on in a strange husky whisper that she was all too familiar with.

"None of your thoughts matter to me. Your mine, that is the end of it."

His voice, a possessive knife cut through her, making her body respond in ways that she hated it for. Heat spread through her system rapidly making her knees weak and her thoughts muffled. She couldn't understand why he affected her this way, making her feel helpless and abandoned.

Quickly she took a step back as he advanced on her step by step. With her knees still weak and her will barely holding, the back of her legs bumped into the window seat. Losing her balance she fell onto the velvet cushion, her hands catching herself just in time, leaving her vulnerable and exposed.

Geoffrey advanced, his body falling over her, bringing him inches from her face. His form came into full profile in the light. Brielle just stared up at him, her breath coming in small gasps. Her traitorous body was trembling, imagining his hands skimming across her skin. All of his rough handsome features looked pale, brushed with shadows of unexplainable origin. He was dark, despite the light, his incisors gleamed, reflecting the possessive glint in his eyes.

"What happens if I refuse you? What would you do to me then, would you kill me Geoffrey, as I have begged you to so many times before? Would you have it in your heart to kill me like you do anyone else who betrays you?" she demanded, her voice near hysterical.

A cold icy smile settled on his lips. He brought his face closer so that all she could see was the cold depths of his stony eyes. Demons danced in those eyes, the ghosts of those he had killed for power, the souls of those who he and killed for pleasure.

"Whether you like it or not you like it Brielle my darling your are expendable," he whispered so close to her skin that she could feel his cool breath.

His breath was sweet smelling, a sickly sweet that attracted her, made her traitorous body extend forward, her nipples peeking under his presence alone. Oh how she hated the power he governed over her! Gently, his lips brushed hers and her body shook involuntarily.

Suddenly, Geoffrey's hands grasped her upper arms holding fast, pulling her forward into his searing kiss. Brielle struggled against him, pushing and trying to fend him off as he dragged her from her refuge on the window seat. His teeth nipped at her lips viciously, exciting an unwanted moan from her, her body racing with heat and need. Their tongues danced wildly, bringing her nearly into the full force of the moment, losing herself completely.

This isn't love.

Then, Geoffrey pulled away from the kiss, his hands sliding down her sides to tighten possessively on her hips. Yanking her forward, pulling her close against his firm body, so she could feel his growing need.

She could feel his hard muscles underneath the simple black dress shirt he wore. He bent his head down as she gasped for breath, still struggling to push him away. But the sweet smell of him was intoxicating. His breath brushed her ear making the hairs on the back of her neck stand up. Oh how she wanted and hated him.

"Killing you would be worthwhile darling, never forget that!" his voice was a mere provocative whisper.

His teeth dug into her neck, brutally bringing her back to the present. She could feel his oversized incisors nearly drawing blood and bringing a scream of pleasure from her lips. Her legs nearly gave out at the orgasm tore through her system, brutally raking her body with heat. He kissed the spot, holding her still close to him so he could feel her tremble, he kissed it again, licking away the small drops of blood. Slowly his hands moved up the back of her shirt, brushing across her ivory skin.

This isn't love, this is lust and need. But if it is . . . why don't want him to stop? Why does my wretched body give me away?

Geoffrey's hands skimmed across her skin, his fingers placing burning marks across her back. He turned her forcefully, and sent her tumbling onto the bed with the sheets flying up in a frenzy around her. Violently she twisted, gaining her thoughts again. She had to get away. But he was on top of her with unnatural speed, pinning her hands above her head, straddling her, bringing her breath in sobs.

He smiled down at her, showing the full force of his brilliant white teeth. There was a new glint in his eyes now, more possessive and vengeful than the one before. Again he leaned down to whisper in her ear.

"You will beg me before the night is through for your release. You will beg me to set you free even though it is the one thing I know you hate yourself for."

Clamping down onto her neck again he sent her into a frenzy, clogging her mind and sending her into a dizzy spiraling world of pleasure and pain.


Brielle felt the bright unwanted noon sunlight against her face as she rolled over. Slowly her eyes opened, squinting against the harsh blinding rays of the sun. The window was still open from last night, the cool autumn air sending the dark green velvet curtains into a frenzy of waving.

Deftly she pulled the soft silk sheets up around her naked body, attempting to cover herself from the sun. It was then that she smelled him on the sheets, like a toxic sickly gas that permeated the air, filling her lungs and causing her to remember her sin from the night before. Flashes of the two of them tumbling, tearing at one another ran through her head,

Stupid bitch! You stupid bitch! Again!

Irritated, she rolled over on her back to stare at the high stone ceilings. Worn wooden rafters, black with age and mold, stretched across the castles ceiling, gray walls covered with embroiders tapestries and paintings.

It was an old castle, nestled in the mountains far from civilization she was the prisoner in it.

Shutting her eyes for a moment she took in the sound all around her. There was a car pulling up the drive, Probably Geoffrey getting back from town again. . . damn him. Roughly, she swung her feet out over the cold stone floor, wrapping the sheet around herself as she headed for the bathroom.

"I need a shower to get that bastard's stink off of me…" she mumbled to no one in particular.

On the surface she hated him with every fiber of her being, but deep within herself she felt differently about him. There was something locked deep within her heart that she would never admit to, not even to herself. . .

I don't deserve love, not with such a sick self such as me.


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