My Wings Were Long Broken


Dark Angel

Waters Principles

She was so cold….


The world swam around her in a dizzyingly way, the windows banging back and forth with the force of the wind, the rain soaking the carpet as it pelted through the opening.

Where am I?

Her brain fizzled and nearly went out, but she clung to the small slip of reality that she could muster from her confused thoughts.

Cold….. so god forsakingly cold.

And it was as she thought. She was forsaken, lost within a world of blood. She could smell it all over herself as she lie there, the stains spreading out from her neck. They covered the satin white sheets, proclaiming her loss of a different kind of innocence for the first time.

Quietly a small sound resembling a whimper escaped her throat and she felt so pathetic.

Where is my strength now when I need it the most?

Fucking pathetic.

While she cursed herself, somewhere in the back of her mind she heard the door creak and it was enough to break her from the moment of self loathing, nearly sobbing in the pure hopelessness of the situation.

He can't want more, he has taken everything from me.

Heavy, almost angry sounding footfalls crossed the stone floor. The sound of the wind and the rain was cut off as the window was closed with a solid thud. Everything grew quiet for a moment. Brielle dared to open her eyes a crack and through the black she made out the outline of someone, not the one who had molested her sense of self.

"Gabriel?" she croaked out breathlessly.

The figure did not move, but took more steps towards the bed. Brielle began to shake violently. Involuntarily her body curled itself into the fetal position, trying to escape the burning indescribable feeling that was coursing through her blood.


"Bastard!" the figure managed to grate out in a tone that was anything but comforting.

Brielle barely understood. Loss of blood was cause her to drift on the edge of unconsciousness and the dead abyss was feeling more and more appealing as the moments passed with agonizing truth.

"Just leave me be. . ." she felt herself whisper, "I have nothing left to offer."

A sharp intake of the others breath registered and then, she felt her limp body being lifted off of the bed by his solid arms. The smell was familiar.



He held her there steadily in his arms for what felt like a small eternity, holding her while his hands clumsily moved to stroke her hair.

The small semblance's that were left of her dying heart told her to nestle closer in the confines of his arms, to grasp the warmth that was being freely offered. It would blot out the abyss and take her away for a few precious moments. At the same time however, her head, the head that told her to trust no one was screaming at her to pull away, cursing and cussing her being for allowing herself to be placed in this pain.

The looming possibility of being hurt again was nearly too daunting.

But before her head could take over her hearts inclinations he lay her gently back down on the bed, brushing his lips across her forehead.

"I am going to make this better for you, I promise." he whispered near her ear has he gently covered her with the sheets that had been so haphazardly thrown off.

Brielle closed her eyes as he rose off the bed.

His footfalls, quieter now. The soft sound of running water almost made her want to turn.

I don't understand.

His quiet footfalls approached again causing her eyes to open, her cracked lips parting in a silent question.

"Shh…" he prompted, slipping his hands under her pale and nearly lifeless body to bring her into his arms.

He carried her across the room and into the adjoining bathroom.

All signs of his previous anger were gone now as he gently, with the sheet still on her, placed her into the warm, still filling, claw footed tub.

Tenderly he washed the blood from her body, and she vaguely watched it wash away down the drain, like sins spiraling away never to be seen again.

But can sins really be erased so easily…

Her thoughts were beginning to turn more coherent now with the warming of her blood, and the continuous coaxing of Gabriel.



And when the tub reach to its max and the bleeding in her necked ebbed to nothing Gabriel rose, kissed her gently on the forehead, and exited the room.

Everything is still a little hazy…….

The steam from the bath coated her senses and caused her to lean back, the white sheet Gabriel had wrapped around her swirling in the water.

Will he return?

He was so gentle, simply helped, he didn't even attempt to take away my dignity...

But the moments passed and she continued to sit in silence. Her thoughts wandered back and forth.

I am more confused than I was before…

But the pain had begun to subside to a dull reminding ache, and she found herself nearing the point of sleep and her fingers turning to wrinkled ends she rose from the bath on shaky legs.

A towel wrapped around her now warmed body she stood in the doorway of the bathroom looking into the outer chamber.

No Gabriel.

He had gone, but in his place he had changed the sheets on the bed so in the lighting from the raging storm once more showed the bed sparkled with pristine white silk.

'Washing away the sins of before, I will make you clean again…'

Shakily she headed forward her breaths coming nearly in gasps as her mind began to tumble towards oblivion.

Did that even really happen. Am I beginning to imagine kindness because there is no innocence left but my mind clings to some of the only things it knows?

But there, on her pillow, like a beacon of sudden undying hope, lay a single white rose framed by a halo of raindrops.

It wasn't a dream.

AN: I wasn't really happy with this chapter but couldn't quite put my finger on why… Sorry it took me so long to update too, if anyone is still reading this to begin with still lmao. Got a new macbook pro though so I will be updating more regularly. As always let me know what you think.