Just a random drabble that came into my head today. By no means a great work of literature, just something I wrote out of boredom. But, considering that it was written in less than an hour, I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. Review please!

I'm meant to hate you.

I mean, our parents have never exactly gotten along, have they? I was never actually told why they argued, but I figured it out for myself. It wasn't that hard, to tell the truth. Your father used to go out with my mother, then my father 'stole' her from him. I was always told that she ran way with him, that she didn't care about his money. I doubt you were told the same story.

We were never exactly friends ourselves, were we? I thought you were an ignorant jerk, you thought I was a stuck-up brat. Don't try to deny it - you told me yourself enough times, back when we were younger.

When we finished elementary school we left the playground scuffles and name-calling behind. We ignored each other - holding eye contact only when it was completely necessary, and even when our gazes did meet, they were icy. The resentment between us never faded, we just didn't express it physically.

Jessica had a crush on you in eighth grade, did you know that? She thought you were gorgeous. I guess I had to agree that you weren't an eyesore, but I felt no attraction. Your hair didn't look 'raven black', as Jessica described it, to me. Your eyes didn't look 'dark and mysterious'. I saw them as blue. That was all. I thought my friend was mad to like you, and was relieved when, in the following May, her affections turned towards Luke Parsons.

When you started dating Katie, though, it really hit me. I mean, how could she date someone like you? I was worried that she was going to get her heart broken, as I knew that you were fickle when it came to love. At least, that's what I told myself I was feeling, concern for my friend.

Now, well, now I wonder…

I was right though. You dumped her after dating for two months. She was absolutely devastated, she looked like a ghost for weeks after the split. I've never really forgiven you for that. She was in love with you, Kale. She was really, madly in love with you.

Once she started dating Tyler, though, things got better. Much better. She really likes him, and they're very happy together. Just thought you might like to know.

As for me? Well, I've never been in a serious relationship. It just never felt right. I don't know why. They were all nice guys, just not… right.

I was, to say the least, shocked when I got my invitation. Why would you invite me to your New Year's Eve party, me, of all people? Jessica practically had to drag me to your house, you know. In the end, she got me there by saying that if I didn't go, you were sure to notice, and did I really want to look like a coward?

When I arrived, the size of your house surprised me. I had never been there before, and I had expected it to be smaller. It wasn't quite as big as mine, but not much smaller, either.

I have to admit, Kale, if there's one thing you do know how to do, it's how to throw a party. The room looked fantastic, with the lights and streamers, and the music was perfect.

It wasn't the most comfortable of situations, though. I was in your house after all, me, Casey Hallway, in the house of my family's sworn enemies. Fortunately your parents weren't around - I wonder what they would have done if they had known that I was there?

When I saw you walking in my direction, I stiffened. I put on my iciest gaze, and got ready to come up with sharp replies to any insults you might throw my way.

But, what you did say shocked me.

You were… well… nice.

Nice, funny, and pleasant company, I have to admit. My attempts to be cold towards you soon failed, shocked as I was by your sudden change of heart. It was strange to be able to meet your eyes and not see hatred there. Then again… when was the last time I had looked at you, properly, actually seeing what was there, without my vision being clouded by what I expected to see?

If I'm to be completely honest, I don't think I ever had.

"Casey, come with me, there's something I want to show you."

Your words surprised me. I should have refused, I know that. If it had happened at any other time, I'm sure I would have, without a second thought. But right then… I guess I didn't want to shatter the thin bond of friendship, however fine it might have been, that we had built up during the past hour. So, I followed you.

You took me outside. I shivered, the snow was cold as it crunched under my stiletto heels, and my flimsy blue dress gave very little protection from the cold. I was grateful that I had worn my hair loose, so it tumbled over my shoulders like a thick, brown blanket.

We stood there, shivering, for a few minutes. Nothing happened, and I wondered why you had dragged me out there. I started to think that it was some sort of joke, just so you could watch me freeze.

I was about to say something, but you placed a finger on my lips, silencing me. From inside, I could hear people shouting out, counting down towards midnight. "Look!" you said, and turned towards the sky.

I looked up, just as an explosion of silver momentarily illuminated the night sky, and the people inside shouted out "Happy New Year!". More fireworks followed, and I watched them dance across the sky, mingling with the stars.

That was when you kissed me.

That happened yesterday, and today I feel more confused than I ever have, in all my sixteen years. I keep asking myself questions.

When Katie was dating you, was what I was feeling really only concern for my friend? Or was there something more?

Recently, when I had looked at you, was it really resentment I saw I your eyes? Or was I only seeing what I expected to see?

When was the last time you had been rude or mean towards me? It must have been years ago, when I think about it…

But there's one question that keeps repeating itself, one that is more important than all the others put together. It's driving me mad, not because I don't know the answer, but because I do, and yet I can't accept it.

Why you kiss me?

And, more importantly...

Why did I kiss you back?