Title: Music as a Euphemism

Notes: I've been listening to Lux Aeterna & the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack by Clint Mansell. That's where this one came from.

The music lifts to a crescendo and his eyes close in rapture. He knows this part by heart. And even if he didn't, he still would've known it, for the music flows through him, starting in his chest cavity and expanding, spreading down inside his capable fingertips. His fingers tighten against the instrument, his muscles flexing and unclenching.

The music backs down, soft and low, and he's as tense as ever. The notes speed up, faster, faster, a deep and dark sound resonating from the belly of the instrument.

And then, the sweetest, most exquisite notes take center stage and step into the engulfing spotlight. He pays no attention to anything but the music, letting it take control.

Finally, the ending comes, one last, final crescendo shouting itself to all the world.

The song fades out, the sweet melody sounding until the last strains are gone.