A/n: After a day of talking about such macabre subjects as the inevitable death of every human being and the destruction of society as we know it in my AP Literature class, I was feeling both quirky and morose. This is the fruit of my literary labor. Enjoy.

Dearest Entropy

Dear Entropy,
They keep you at bay
With miracle medicines and
Shining, silver machines.
Sweet perfumes to mask the stench
Of decay.
But even our feeble noses can detect
The scent of death, upon his wearying way.
And you can wait,
You've proved it before
And before long,
Each little cell will lyse
And let loose it's little life
Far before it has time to create anew.
This too shall pass.

The universe marches
Haltingly, yet inevitably
Towards the all-consuming darkness
The last of years
The final days
The end of time.
Suns extinguish themselves,
Flames finally going out
Without enough photons or electrons left
To create anew
These go supernova, lysing, with no new
Infant star to take its place.
They become holes in reality.
And there is naught but darkness.

You have seen these great beings,
And equally great civilizations,
Anywhere and everywhere,
Rise and fall.
And again.
You saw them when they were new,
And remember them, now that they are forgotten.
Not even myths or legends.
Worlds explode,
And minds expand.
And while all else,
Even the great Lord Time
Has fall'n way.
You shall yet remain.