AN: Hey everyone! I'm J.J. and this is my first attempt at writing a Non-fan fiction. So please go easy on me, okay? I love criticism, but only if It's constructive. No Flames! Why would somebody be so mean as to flame a newbie? Anyway please read and enjoy Chapter one of Who Am I?

Chapter One


Slowly I looked around my new room. Small, yes. Different from my room at home, yes. But I would have liked it. Wooden floor, wallpaper with little flowers, a desk and chair in one corner, next to a bookshelf with a few novels on the shelves. Next to the window was a small bed with a blue-and-green quilt on it. Also, there was a small bedside table with a small lamp and a tiny dresser. I peeked inside. Patched jeans, plain tee shirts and a few dresses. All my size. How long had this freak followed me to see my dress size?

"Natile." I turned around slowly. Was that my new name? There stood Roger. The man I hated more then anything. He took me from my family. We trusted him, let him rent the spare room above our garage. How did he repay us? He takes me. Knocks me unconscious while my parents were out, sticks me in a car and drives me to California. Two fricking days in a car with him. Finally I snap.

"I HATE YOU!" I scream, throwing myself against him, hitting him with all my might. "I HATE YOU! TAKE ME HOME!" He stands there smiling for a few minutes, until I slam my knee right into his family jewels. That's when he raises his hand and slaps me across my face. I fly across the tiny room.

"You will respect me now, Natile. I am your legal guardian now that your parents are dead. Poor Sam and Elisa." I feel myself go pale. He couldn't

"No. You didn't. Please!" I say, still in shock.

"Not yet. And if you obey and be a good little girl, I won't." I nod.

"I'll be good." I whisper. He smiles and throws a box at me. Hair dye. Plain Brown. He wants me to dye my hair. It's my pride and joy. A beautiful, rich auburn, not quite red, not quite brown. Thick and curly, it reaches down my back, to my bottom. People stop me and my mother on the street to comment on it. He hands me scissors. Oh, God. How can I? But I have to. For my family. For my life.

"Well?" He asks.

I turn and head for the bathroom next to my room. Staring in the mirror is fifteen-year-old Madison Baker. Who I used to be. Sighing, I turn on the shower and start to read the box. It's Time for me to become Natile… Something. I need to find out my last name.

AN: Okay, I know that was short. And confusing. But please Remember, It's Natile's point of view and she was just kidnapped. I think I'd be a little confused, and scared which she definitely is. For her own life and her family, who you'll know more about in the next chapter. This is also more of a… Prologue. It'll be longer next time, I promise.