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"Word" - Speech

'Word' - Thoughts

"Word" - Thing

They Roam the Earth

'7 Days...' It's been a week since the last television reports faded into nothing. All that remains is the crackling hum of the emergency broadcasting system. "Great...." I pressed the button to turn off the TV. A frustrated sigh escaped from my mouth as I slumped down to the floor. "There's been nothing for days now, I wonder if anyone's still alive."

A similar thought has been infecting my mind ever since then. At the beginning, I was scouring every TV and radio news station for valuable information. It didn't matter what kind, I gave notice to anything from escape routes, safe houses, to documented attacks. Horrendous reports of killings and rioting appeared on the news, but it was brushed off by the mass populous. That kind of thinking led to this hell of a situation. If one looked past the normal, it was obvious something was horribly wrong.

I tiredly stretched to turn on my old clock radio. The crackle of the static filled my ears; I started my normal procedure. Even though the TV's are useless now, the radio is anything but. There could be someone calling for help, or they could have info on the situation. Unfortunately, those are few and far between. Automated messages are constantly urging people to secure themselves indoors, and wait for help. Others included broadcasts telling about government run "safe-houses". Only a complete fool would go to one of these death-traps. They never last long. There's always someone who can slip into the compound, change, and turn it into a blood bath. So many safe-houses have been compromised that way. I don't even think there are any left now; there's still no distress signal on the radio.

After listening intently, I shut off the small radio and gaze through my shaded window. The underlying street looks more trashed as the days continue. Fallen streetlights and abandoned cars liter the roadway. Hints of gore and decay can be seen on the objects in the surrounding area. Worst of all, those things are still out there; their destructive existence rotting away at the city.

Outside, the creatures lurch around aimlessly, searching for their prey. Their limbs and bodies mangled, they continue to drag themselves forward in a gruesome march. Just the sight of them was almost enough to make me sick. The way they look, the horrible sounds they make, it presses your nerves till you throw up. Time, however, can make things seem less disturbing than they are. Looking isn't a problem anymore, but the noises still keep me up at night. That and the constant fear of a break in make for an awesome sleep regimen. 'I don't know where these creatures came from, but it sure messed up the planet.' A chuckle escapes from my mouth, "They definantly are dangerous." When this all started I barricaded the exits and windows in the building. Nailing boards to doors, pushing furniture in front of the windows; it was all done to ensure they don't get in. Lucky for me, they still don't know I'm here.

I'm currently held up in a small grocery store along the outer reaches of town. This place seemed much more secure than my home, and it's well stocked with supplies. The decision was made to abandon my apartment soon after I arrived in town. The long, quiet trip back from my annual family visit was interrupted by a news report. At first there were just some strange things on the radio. Then soon after, the reports of rioting and attacks started.

When I arrived, there was already panic and chaos spreading through the bustling town. Following my instincts, I decided that my inner city home wasn't the ideal place of refuge. I rushed to find a safe place to hold up. Stumbling upon this small, brick grocery store was luck. Finding the store in a mad dash was luck, finding it abandoned and intact was a godsend. My mind was still focused on one thing however; making sure my family was alright.

Calling my family was priority one, after I fortified the shop. My first attempts never made it through; my dad wouldn't answer his cell phone. Thankfully, he called me a few days later telling me they were safe. Apparently the same things started happening there after I'd left. He said they were brought to one of the safe houses by the police and were holding up fine. Assuring me that the apartment building was well stocked and well defended, I talked to everyone else. Hearing their voices instantly relieved some of my long built up stress. After that I frequently received calls from my family. One call from my little younger sister was specifically moving. She told me how she was nervous and wondered where I was. She was also the only one who discussed the creatures outside. Genuine fear was in her voice as she described how scary they were and the noises they made. Hearing that made me want to just run outside, grab my car, and pick them up. With the creatures lurking outside, however, I quickly suppressed that urge. Soon after speaking with my sister, the calls began to be sterner and less frequent. I currently haven't heard from them in five days. It's depressing just thinking about it.

"NO!!", "I can't afford to be depressed in this situation. I need to get some rest and think of a plan for collecting supplies tomorrow. Yeah, I think that's a good idea." I tiredly walk to the wall, turn of the dim lights, and slip snuggly into bed. All this mental exhaustion is enough to make anyone sleep for a while. I begin to close my eyes as they get heavy; the room fades into black. As I shut my eyes, my world turns into darkness.