Chapter Three


The line was split.

Even if Wolfgang and Tobias knew they had inherited the most powerful sword on Aovire, it probably wouldn't have changed anything.

He saw his brother killed by the dark creatures that haunted Aovire and its sister country, Rudérin.

The Mordérin.

According to legend, the Mordérin were Rudéri nymphs that had died, and that was completely unnatural because nymphs are otherwise immortal. You may think this sounds like a blessing, but it's a curse to them, for they will live to watch all other peoples and magical creatures pass into shadow.

The Mordérin were also immortal, but it was not such a curse to them because they didn't have the burden of facing death again- not even the deaths of others who were once close to them. The only things they were aware of were their existence and the beings around them, waiting to become Mordérin.

The island of Rudérin was the first to be annexed during the Mordérin's reign. The little hamlet where Wolfgang and Tobias lived, Amorborough, was destroyed in the Mordérin's attempts to kill every last villager.

No matter how much he tried to push the memory from his mind, Wolfgang would never forget Tobias shouting to his son, "RUN! SAMUEL, RUN!" nor the look he had given Wolfgang before the Mordérin caught him.

He had heard of Galadeve- after all, who hadn't? The sword was famous for not only being the sword of Sir Jeremiah, but for its magical properties that would only work for the heir.

It was worth a try, Wolfgang figured. And so he started on his quest to Aovire.


Little Theo fell to flames. People were running and screaming, running towards the Dragon Riding stadium where they would be safe. But not everybody escaped. The dragons were swooping down on them, eating whoever was in their path. Their riders weren't paying attention to the havoc; they seemed to be looking for something.

Or someone.

But they missed their chance. Rosalee, Mitchell, Wesley, and Penelope had safely gotten away from the town and were now traveling through Salem Forest.

"Keep up," ordered Rosalee, walking hastily, looking over her shoulder every now and again, but not to make sure the others were still behind her. No, it was something far worse she was worried about.

"Where are we going?" asked Mitchell, who was having trouble walking with the sword tied to his waist.

"We're going to Tara." Rosalee paused. "We need to warn them about what's happened."


Rosalee stopped and turned around slowly, facing the other three. "First, it's Little Theo," she said far too quietly. "Once they find out you're not there, they'll just keep moving across Aovire, destroying everything in their path." She paused. "The closest kingdom is Tara." She turned back around and continued with her speed walking.

"But that's in Rudérin!" shouted Mitchell.

"And it's two days away!" protested Penelope. "And that's just for me! It'll probably take four days on foot, not to mention getting a boat there!"

"She's got a point," agreed Wesley. "By the time we get to Rudérin, the enemy might've already taken over."

"And then we'd be walking straight into a trap," added Mitchell. "And frankly, I don't really like walking into traps." He frowned. "Actually, I don't really like anything that could mean someone whacking my head off or other sorts of torture."

Rosalee knew that all of them had a good point, but you should have realized by now that she's a very stubborn person, not to mention nothing short of frightening. "Whatever waits for us in Tara," she said quietly, "we will face it."

There was a long pause until Wesley spoke up.

"I think you have a death wish."


Prince Fred was in trouble. He had the feeling something horrible was going to happen to Tara, and he was absolutely right. About one o'clock in the morning, he woke up to the screams of the Tarians. He flung open the curtains and stared out to the kingdom. In the darkness, he could see the city being swallowed up in flames. But that was the thing he was least worried about.

He could see a faint luminescence that most certainly didn't come from the streetlights. "Mordérin," he murmured, going deathly pale. Among the Mordérin, there were several large dragons hunting the people and many of them were lying on the streets, bleeding and some with missing limbs. The Mordérin were sweeping in on the dying and reaching into their bodies, freezing their hearts. The dying people were slowly fading into the shadow people- Mordérin. They were turning into black, wispy beings with no definite form and the only thing that remained recognizable was their hands.

Prince Fred quickly pulled on his traveling clothes and grabbed his black cloak to hide himself in the dark. He grabbed his sword and attached its sheath around his waist, covering it with his cloak. As he ran out of his room and through the corridors of the great castle, he shouted as loud as he could, "Mordérin! Dragons!" He threw open the door to his parents' room. "You have to get out of here before they invade the castle!" He repeated this for everybody, flinging open the doors and shouting for them to get out.

There was one last thing he needed to do before he escaped the kingdom- light the beacon at the top of the highest tower in hopes that someone in their sister kingdom, Kess, would see it and raise the alarm.

He ran for the escape door in the back of the castle and as he opened it to the forest, he glanced back at the city and his heart took a dive as he saw everybody running to the forest, but a good portion of them never making it.

He pulled up the hood and ran into the forest, hoping to make it to Kess.


"Rosalee, you can't- yaaawwwwn- make us walk forever," said Mitchell groggily. "We're tired. Our legs hurt. We can barely keep our eyes open!"

"Oh shut up, emo kid," snapped Rosalee angrily. "D'you want to get captured?" She glared darkly at them.

"Rose, Mitchell's right," disagreed Wesley, who was now carrying Penelope on his shoulders because she had gotten tired from flying and walking. "There's no way we can make it to Tara if we don't get some sleep."

Rosalee scowled because she knew Wesley was absolutely right. "Fine," she said curtly. "Let's find somewhere to hide."

"You're being paranoid," mumbled Penelope. "We're hours away from Little Theo."

"Or what's left of it," added Mitchell darkly.


He'd been running for hours now- the sun was coming up. He looked around in hopes of finding a safe place to rest. Seeing nothing in the surrounding vicinity, he trudged on until he saw the sun rising over a great body of water.

Prince Fred's heart leaped. He made it to the Ocean of Light. He could see the great Ice Towers in the distance and somewhere under the Towers was the great ocean kingdom, L'Etoille de la Mer. He ran to the beach and stared out across the ocean. He looked around him and saw a large crater-like hole near the trees. He walked over to it and saw that someone- or something- had dug a tunnel in the side of the crater. Prince Fred sighed with relief. Maybe he could get a few hours of much-needed sleep, and then he'd find a boat and sail over to Aovire.

That sounded good.


"Well, I hope you're happy," intoned Mitchell, bags forming under his eyes from sheer exhaustion. "First you made us run for the monastery to look for this stupid sword."

"You inherited that 'stupid sword'!" snapped Rosalee.

Wesley and Penelope rolled their eyes.

Mitchell continued, "Then you killed one of the last workers."

Rosalee protested, "He was about to kill you!"

"And now you make us walk for hours! The freakin' SUN is comin' up!" yelled Mitchell irritably, glaring at Rosalee.

Rosalee threw up her hands. "Well sorry for savin' your stupid emo life!" she yelled back.

"Rosalee-" started Wesley, but unfortunately, Rosalee took this as a sign to snap his head off, too.

"You shut up! The only reason you're here is cuz I told you that Mitchell has to save the whole freakin' world!" she snapped. "Otherwise, you're completely useless!"

That struck a nerve with Wesley. "If I'm so useless, then how long d'you think it would've taken Mitchell and Pen to find that sword!" he shouted back. He held up his now scarred hand from where he had punched through the glass to get to Galadeve. "And d'you think either of them could handle that!"

Rosalee scowled darkly. "Oh yes, you're totally hardcore." She huffed angrily. "We'd be doomed if you weren't here." Her voice was dripping with sarcasm.

Wesley returned Rosalee's scowl. "How do you know I'm useless to this stupid quest?" He paused. "How do you know I might actually help a lot? Cuz I didn't see you running through the monastery helping us find the sword!"

"I was getting supplies so we could actually survive!"

"Shut UP!" shouted Penelope angrily, hovering over and landing on Mitchell's shoulders. "Rosalee, we need sleep! NOW!" Smoke was coming out of her nose and she was starting to cough.

Rosalee rolled her eyes. "Whatever," she muttered.

Mitchell said as calmly as he could, "Look. We're tired. We need sleep. Otherwise we'll collapse from exhaustion." He stared at Rosalee as if daring her to argue with him.

Wesley stepped over by Mitchell and drew a line in the dirt. "Everybody on this side wants to get some sleep. And seeing how it's three against one…" He paused. "I'd say we're gonna get some sleep."

Rosalee looked none too pleased with being outnumbered. "Fine." She motioned for them to follow her. "Let's find somewhere safe."

But she spoke too late for the other three had instantly collapsed on the floor of the forest and were now sleeping.

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