I Am The Writer.

I've walked along the misty shores

Of islands far away.

I've listened to the telling sound

Of distant dragon's wings.

I've traveled far…

And wide…

I am the Writer.

I stumbled into Madness once,

Though I meant to seek out Anguish.

I have stared fear in the face,

Danced with Danger, courted Death,

Met both Love…

And Hate…

I am the Writer.

I have felt the weight of words,

And have borne their burden well.

I have seen them flow like water.

I alone have seen them dance,

Heard them laugh…

And sing…

I am the Writer.

The paper is in front of me,

The pen is in my hand,

My soul, the dragon, is unleashed –

The story must be told.

It is time…

To begin…