a/n: Didn't origionally(sp?) plan on posting.

I haven't been okay for months
but no one has time for me
to care about how I feel or what I think.
Everyone has time for my problems
that aren't a part of me,
but for ME,
no one has the time.
When I say I'm cold,
everyone thinks it must mean something, more.
Why can't I just be cold?
When I say I'm tired,
no one believes that I'm just absolutely worn out.
I'm just exhausted.
And when he asks me if I'm okay,
he's never thinking about me,
he's worrying about (something else).
Why can't anyone care about ME
for once?

a/n: Nothing I breathe for is .more.tor.men.ting.
losing my mind
&you just stand there
as my world//divides...