Neo is a kinda dark kid, cute but dark. He's 15… Black hair, green eyes…

Jared is blond, shiny teeth kinda dude, only that he is not stupid!!! He has brown eyes… ( ? ) and he is 17…

The floor creaked as if mice were running on an old wooden floor. But the house was as good as new, all carpeted and no number of mice could make the floor make a sound, so Neo decided it has to be either one of the blonds that were with him in the house tonight.

He got up and walked over to the door, opening the two locks on his door, he opened the door to see someone which he wasn't really expecting to. It was already three in the morning when Jared, a son of friends of he parents and a senior in his school, stood in the doorway to Neo's room. "What do you want?" Neo asked sleepily, rubbing his eyes with his pale, delicate hands, he really didn't have enough power to deal with Jared. "You!" the blond growled as he took a hold of Neo's small, pale torso and liftted him over his broad shoulder.

"Put me down!" Neo hit and kicked, but the boy's futile attempts for escape made Jared chuckle. "Calm down, do you want to wake up your brother?" he asked happily, it made Neo whisper harshly instead of yelling, "Put me down right now, Jared!" he hissed, "not going to happen, my sleeping beauty" Jared chuckled again, "I'll tell your parents!" the now flushed boy threatened, now Jared laughed quietly. "Would you now? If you will, you'll be mine at school and I'm sure you don't want to ruin your image…pride problems" Jared smirked to himself; Neo could feel the wide smirk even without seeing it. "Maybe I should call you little brother and show him what I'm going to do to you." Jared's smirk widen as Neo ceased moving. The older boy flipped Neo onto the bed, and jumped over him.

"What are you going to do?" Neo whispered quietly, even though he had a pretty good idea of what Jared wanted. "I'm going to fuck you to the mattress until you beg me for more, then I'll cum in and on you so many times you would leak my cum and be all covered with it." Jared's face turned evil and he laughed when he saw Neo's terrified expression. "No! No! No!" the black haired whined, "get off me!" he tried pushing him off, but the blond wouldn't budge. Slowly yet steadily, Jared slipped his hand under Neo's boxers. "No! Stop!" the younger whispered while he tried clawing at Jared's exposed toned chest, but before he could, Jared grabbed his wrists with one of his hands, and forced them over the boy's head, "so you wouldn't try any thing tricky on me" he chuckled. Neo held his breath as Jared's big and rough hand reached his member.

"Finally" Jared whispered to himself as he started caressing the member beneath his hand and bending down to the gasping boy under him. Jared plunged his hot, wet tongue right into Neo's open mouth.

Neo's eyes were open in surprise, Jared was raping his without second thought, and he was freaking responding! He could feel his member growing bigger and harder as he got aroused from Jared's hard strokes.

Neo started moaning quietly, giving up to the pleasure he was receiving. Jared felt the small body beneath him getting lose and numb, so he let go of Neo's wrists and used the unoccupied hand to pull Neo's boxers off.

Jared's mouth trailed down the long neck, kissing, licking and biting every inch of the white skin. Neo's hands moved to his face, trying to block his mouth from any moan he might release. Jared's mouth found it's way to the green eyed left nipple; he sucked the hardening spot, trying to get more sounds from the boy under him. "ha!ma… no…" Neo moan quietly as Jared took care of his other nipple and jump down to his hard shaft. He took it in his mouth, running his tongue on the tip before taking it all in; he sucked and nibbled, all the while Neo was struggling to keep it down.

When Jared felt Neo start shuddering, he went even lower; the boy left the already leaking member and start working on Neo's small virgin hole. "Ga! Jared!" Neo struggled as Jared's tongue entered him, "please! Stop!" he pleaded, but all his effort only made Jared smirk and pull his tongue out for a second. "No, my pretty, tonight I'll fuck you for all the times you rejected me!" he blew on the wet sensitive hole, getting a loud moan from Neo.

After Jared finished lubricating the little opening, he moved up back to Neo's face and kissed him deeply, smirking all along. He trusted his middle finger into the wet hole, making Neo grunt into the kiss and tears to be collected in his green eyes. Suddenly, an idea came into Jared's mind (A/N: actually, an idea just came into my mind ); he pulled away from Neo's mouth. "You are going to suck me! Otherwise…" he left the sentence hanging. Neo nodded, trying to wipe the tears away from his eyes. Jared smirked "good" and took off his boxers, then, he switched positions so he was on the bottom and Neo was on the top, after, he told Neo to turn so his member would be in his face- Neo did as he told and turned.

With a little push from Jared, Neo took the red, erected shaft in his mouth, his hands holding its base and stroking the balls.

Jared on the other hand, was licking his lips in the sight before him; cute erected cock, already leaking pre-cum, the little tight opening wet and twitching, oh! How Jared wanted to slam Neo to the bed right now… But he had to prepare the boy first; even if he was acting mean and pretty disgusting, Jared wanted Neo since he was 15, not only the boy's body, but whole of him, and he really didn't want to hurt the young boy, but tonight- being in the same house as Neo, with no one to tell him what to do, Jared couldn't contain himself anymore.

He once again plunged a finger into Neo's opening, making the said boy moan in pleasure as he sucked Jared's huge member. Jared moaned, the moan vibrated to his member, this is way better then touching myself to his images he could help but think to himself as he started trusting into the small mouth. He added another finger and scissored the tight opening. He took the leaking member in his mouth, while adding another finger.

Neo was overwhelmed, this felt amazing, even if was totally wrong. His body burned with every little touch, Jared was sucking him and finger fucking him so hard, he had to stop and moan as he cummed right into Jared's mouth, who didn't mind and swallowed all of the thick liquid.

"Ha…Jare…Ha…more…god..." those sounds drove Jared crazy, not only had he just witnessed Neo glow as he came, but now the younger boy was begging for more. I think he is ready; Jared pushed Neo off of him and flipped over him. "Are you ready?" he asked, looking into the glowing green eyes that right now were full of lust and begging to be fucked. Neo nodded "please! Hurry, ha!" he moaned and softly clawed Jared's chest like a wanting cat. Jared smirked happily and felt his cock getting even hotter and harder.

He moved Neo's legs to his shoulders and with one deep trust, he dug himself all the way into Neo's opening.

Neo's mouth opened in a silent scream which Jared covered with his own.

Slowly, an inch by an inch, Jared pulled over, not really giving Neo time to get used to his huge cock; Neo closed his eyes in ecstasy, moaning loudly as Jared trusted back into his with a hard trust. Jared was enjoying every second of being inside Neo, whom he fantasized about every time he did something 'dirty'. He fastened his pace as Neo's moans got needier, "more! Harder! Jared, faster!" the young boy let out, not caring anymore, Jared complied by lifting Neo's legs and spinning him so he was face-down to the mattress. "Jared..." Neo panted quietly, hurrying him up. The older boy took a hold of Neo's pure, thin hips as he trusted violently into the small body beneath him. Neo let out a sharp moan with every trust, he gasped as Jared's hand snaked under his body and started pumping his in the same violent pace Jared was trusting into him.

"Jared!" Neo cried as he cummed all over the mattress sheet and Jared's hand, and after a few more trusts; Jared cummed as well, right into Neo bruised body.

They lay there for a few minutes before realization hit Neo and he pushed Jared off of him and ran into his bathroom.

Jared looked at the closed door Neo just ran past, I'm sorry he apologized before grabbing his boxers, slipping back into them and quietly sneaking out of the room.

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