Kristinya left alone in the agonizing world has nobody there for her... so she goes into depression... will anybody come into the darkness to save her?

Walking down the busy hallways, filled with half the student population... differnet cliques, groups, friends... what highschool basically is. Or what others think... It was Sakuno's 3rd year in High School. And also 4 years since Dominic Allen left again.

"Is that her? The one who has all those cuts on her wrists?"

"Yeah... she's always wearing that jacket..."

"I heard that if she leaves that jacket, she wears black arm warmers..."

"I remember when she used to be nice... what happened to her?"

"I heard that ever since Dominic left, she's been through depression and everything..."

Kristinya Johnson. She was used to hearing the whispers of the students talk about her. It didn't bother her... this was who she is, and nothing... nobody can change that...

She wore her usual attire that she has been wearing for the last 1 and a half years(no, not the same exact clothes that she doesn't wash them... just like hmm... 3 pairs of the same thing...) Either black pants or a knee length black skirt. Along with the usual uniform shirt but hidden under her black and white jacket. Her hair was now a blackish mahogany color and was shoulder-length and jagged. Her bangs covering her right eye.

Once she started going to high school, she had nobody left. Marti left her for some popular boistorous bitches... or how Kristinaya claims. The regulars parted on their own ways all around Maryland, her father passed away. She ended up going into chronic depression... and still is. There are some people who understand her but she doesn't call them her friends...

"I'm here to pick up my schedule..." she whispered in a monotone voice.

"Your name, miss?" the woman benind the desk asked.

"Kristinya Johnson..."

"Ah... here you are Miss Kristinya... I hope you have a fun year." the woman smiled at her, holding her schedule.

A pale hand reached for the said paper. Holding it in her left hand, her black nails showing, Kristinya walked off as the bell rang.

Camera's flicked everywhere as the young boy walked to the car.

"Is it true, that you and your family are going back to The U.S?" A reporter asked.

"Why are you leaving now?"

"Dominic! Will you be staying in Maryland or are you juse visiting?"


"Late on the first day?" the teacher asked as Kristinaya closed the door.


"And being smart? Do you want to be sent to the principles office?"

"Does it look like I care?

"What is your name young lady?"

"Kristinya. Kristinya Johnson..."

"Well Miss Johnson, I offer you to take your seat or would you rather have one in the office...?"

"Whatever..." Sakuno muttered and walked to an empty desk and dropped her bookbag.

"Ohayo class... I am Mrs. White, and I will be teaching geometry concepts for the next 2 semesters. And I do hope that we all can get along with each other..." the teacher said, turning her back to face the chalkboard and began writing notes. "I expect you to copy what I am writing..."

Kristinya took out a black leather notebook and a black pen that was visible to see the ink -it almost looked like blood- and started to write something...

"Miss. Johnson?"

The latter girl slowly moved her head to face up and look at the teacher. "Yes?"

"What are you writing? I hope your writing the notes..."

"Not really..."

"Hand me the book..."

"I'd rather not..."

"Are you disobeying me?"

"If that's what you want to call it..."

"Miss. Johnson. The book..." the teacher held out her hand and Sakuno handed her the book.

The teacher flipped through it, her expression horendous. "Is this blood?"

"Wow... you aren't that idiotic than I thought..."

"Who's blood is this?"


Some of the class gasped.

"Miss Johnson, I think you should go see the principle, and show him this book..."

"Fine..." Kristinya said annoyed and snatched the book back and dragged her bookbag.

The class began to erupt with whispering...

"Class! Settle down!"