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Vera Ann Ross

The Princess and The Thief


A long time ago in an age now lost there was a land of never ending waters more commonly known as Elikinis. As in most lands women were considered inferior to men. While the Man governed his estates the woman ran the household seeing that their rightful place was in the kitchen and in the bedroom. But it did not always stay this way. Oh excuse me, where are my manners- my name is Anna Louisa and this is my story. It is not one you will find in children's storybooks, songs, plays or rhymes... This is my story; the story of the Princess and the Thief.

Chapter one


I sat up. I had heard something, I could swear it. My ears perked, listening intently as my body tensed, ready for an attack of some sort. Quietly I slipped from my bed and crept to my balcony…


The voice made me jump; "Anna!"

"Daniel?" I questioned, frowning as I recognized my interlocutor; "Daniel where are you?" There was no one below the balcony, nor anywhere near me- my eyes tried to pierce the shadows as I looked around myself, hesitantly coiling my arms around my waist to warm myself as the nocturnal wind blew against me.

"I'm right behind you Anna!" He laughed as I spun around.

"What are you doing? If the guards find you...you...you'll...well," I stammered aimlessly, taking one step back to look at him properly: he was standing right by the open door that led back into my bedroom, seemingly having climbed up onto my balcony to surprise me.

"Oh Anna, you don't think I could've just forgotten your birthday," Daniel exclaimed with a warm smile as he casually walked into my bed chamber. He slumped down on the floor, getting into a cross-legged position as he untied the parcel that he'd brought with him. "So how does it feel to be a woman of proper marrying age?"

"Rather exhausting!" I laughed as I sat down next to him.

"Really Anna," He said mockingly as he reached over to grab a candle on the bedside table that was just in his reach, lighting it and replacing it on the squat piece of furniture. "It's only the first day!"

"Well, if you best friend woke you in the middle of the night, don't you think you'd be the least bit sleepy?" I asked as he unwrapped two pastries and handed one to me.

"On the contrary, I work better with no sleep at all rather than as much as you. And besides I could only expect the same thing from you on my fifteenth birthday." He laughed as he raised his pastry like he was making a toast. "To Anna: may she be happy and fulfilled and may her wine goblet never be empty or so help us all!"

"Daniel," I said in a fit of laughter "are you ever going to let me live down what happened at the west gate pub?"

"Never!" He replied "And the way you danced that night was enough to make even the drunkest of men remember."

"Fine!" I exclaimed.

"Ok, I'll be nice." Daniel said submissively after a short pause. "To us, Anna, may we always be the best of friends."

"I'll toast to that!" We both bumped our pastries together.

"Oh I almost forgot!" Daniel said licking his fingers moments later. "What would a party be with out a gift eh?" He rose to his feet and with drew a small parcel from his pocket wrapped in white cloth. "To you, my dear friend!" Daniel exclaimed as he gave me the parcel with a flourish.

"You shouldn't have!" I said as I unwrapped the package. "Oh my goodness," I gasped when I saw what he had given me. "I thought he destroyed-" I cut off.

"You know how your father is," Daniel replied; "When I saw it I had to get it for you."

"Oh, thank you," I hugged Daniel tightly, furiously trying to hold back tears since I was never one to cry especially not in front of my childhood friend.

As if reading my mind he said; "Anna, it's okay to cry- I understand it's been hard for you."

"Daniel, it's not fair!"

"I'm sorry I brought it up," Daniel whispered, kissing the top of my head.

We broke from our embrace and Daniel wiped my tears from my cheeks. I was still clutching one of my mother's priced possessions. "Daniel, thank you so much; you have no idea what this means to me." I closed my eyes and leaned my head against his chest.

"But I do know- that's why I came," He rose to his feet, lifting me with him. "You need your rest; you have a busy day ahead of you." Daniel helped me into bed before he settled himself on the floor at my bedside.

"What are you going to do?" I inquired.

"You don't expect me to climb up and down three walls and avoid the guards again do you?" He smiled.

"Good night," was my simple reply before Daniel blew out the candle.

"Good night, my Anna!" His voice seemed to echo eerily into the dark of the night.