It's when no one speaks up and your cheeks go red, you realize the clothes you wear mean nothing, the way your hair is cut is shit, you judge every part of yourself, and blame yourself for everything. Sit back and let your lungs fill and collapse, let the world just turn around and leave you on the outskirts, floating through space like some piece of junk that fell off and no one cared about.

Wake up.

It's another 4 am morning and you wish this would end. You're tired of all this, every single part. Why live when all you have going for you is getting old and dying. Why deny the inevitable? Live in the future and die before everything you know fades to black.

Raise curtains, enjoy the show.

It's another day where the sun is too ashamed to even look at you. Everyone stares at you. They know what you did, the whole town does. Why couldn't you follow through, you insipid piece of human flesh and blood. Even the ground is ashamed to have you tread upon it. Why don't you finish the job? They say the third time's a charm.

And the record skips...

Do it.

Do it.

Do it.

...fade to black.

You finally did something right, it's over and the world slips away. Your biggest success was your biggest failure. Welcome back to space; enjoy your orbit of nothing.

end scene.