Author's Notes: I sometimes ask for people to suggest words on my LJ that I then use to make a story. Here is a short piece talking about how Tsauji and Seth first met. The prompt was purple.

1. Purple

There was a line from a song that said mountains were purple. Seth had never seen mountains that were actually purple, but his brown pencils (taupe and chestnut and oak and even cinnamon) were all getting kind of stubby. He had plenty of purple pencil left. Time to use it.

He'd lost Daniel in the subway system. Seth hadn't meant to. One minute he was right beside his protector, waiting for the doors to close so they could continue on to their stop. Everything went white and then he was standing on the street with no memory of how he'd gotten there.

Seth hated it when he whited-out like that.

Daniel would eventually find him. The best thing to do was stay in one place and wait. There was a tracker in his phone for a reason. And if Seth was lucky, his powers were not screwing around with it.

Now he just had to figure why there was so much purple in his picture. The voices were absolutely silent, leaving Seth to ponder the question on his own.

"Excuse me." The first thing Seth noticed about the businessman was his eyes. They were as piercing blue as the sky. The second thing he noticed was that the businessman man had cheekbones that a model would kill for. The third thing he noticed was the tie the man wore. Dark purple and silver gray stripes. That explained the picture. "Are you waiting for someone?"

"Yes," Seth replied. "My protector."

"Ah. You're a charge then," the businessman said. Technically Seth wasn't supposed to tell people that, but rules sometimes got in the way. So he ignored them.

"My name is Seth and I'm a charge. Who are you?"

"My name is Tsauji."