I want to feel happiness

I'm so close to finding it

A gentle caress

But in reality my life is just a mess

The happiness I seek is something that's not real

It's just me searching for something divine

Wanting and wishing I could rewind time

Reality hits me

Anchoring into the dark depths of the sea

Trying to remember the old me

Where did I go? What happened to me?

What happened to just being me?

Reality hits

Old wounds open

Emotions pour

One day I realized I closed all the doors

I used to smile

I used to laugh

Everyone wants the old me back

Reality hits

Now I remember

Memories pour

The good and the bad

I remember the things that made me sad

I remember the past

Only looking towards the future

This is reality

Life is here

Sadness was my beginning from which I overcome

Happiness is my future

Life is my middle name

Everyday is an adventure

Spend it like your last

Let the pain be in the past

This is my future

This is my reality