Let me be your Angel
Let me be your Angel
by Vincent Seyuri

"How do you feel now?"
"Awkward," Kakyo murmured, wiping off the little blood on his lower lip with the back of his hand. Kain smiled at him sweetly.
"Naturally do you feel awkward, it's not every day you tear a woman's throat like that."
The young vampire raised an eyebrow at his sire. "And just how defenseless do you think I am? I've killed like this before, rest assured. It's just the drinking part that scares me..."
"Afraid?" Kain whispered in the Yani's ear as he embraced him from behind. "I understand that. Admittedly, I, too, was once a little afraid."
Kakyo stifled his chuckle and allowed himself to relax in the safety of Kain's strong arms. He could feel burning behind his eyelids, but he wasn't even close to crying. It was more like when you had a fever. He felt like he wanted to cuddle down into some cool place and sleep...
"I'm tired."
"I know you are. You should be. You are attracted to the shadows surrounding you, are you not?"
"What? The shadows?"
Kain nodded. "The shadows. Don't you feel warm? Wouldn't it be just wonderful to feel their dark softness against your skin? And to remain there, rest."
Kakyo felt bewildered. "How did you know?" Every word rang true to his desires.
The vampire lord simply laughed. "I knew it from the beginning. Your blood told me. It holds such a peculiar tang, did you know that? That's why I love it." He drew his slim fingers along the Yani's jawline, but Kakyo shied away, impatient.
"Maybe my blood delights you, but I still don't understand. What exactly was it you could tell from it?"
"That you are Shadow-Wanderer."
"What?" Kakyo was bewildered.
"You have the ability to travel through shadows and use them for your benefit. But with the theft of your magic, the ability was suppressed, only to arise now, when your powers are at their peak."
"You mean I have some magic then?" Kakyo frowned. He'd never thought that could be possible. He'd always firmly believed that when his sister Kikyo had stolen his Wild Magic, the source of powers had vanished. That was why he'd grown so determined to boost his physical skills instead.
"The shadow will obey you," Kain went on. He spoke slowly, thinking about how to put it in words. "If you only know how to command it, it will satisfy your every whim."
"And how do I learn to control it?"
"By listening to your master," Kain smiled broadly and Kakyo wrinkled his nose.
"You can do this too?"
"Not as well as you. I know how to command, but not really how to make it listen." He smiled tiredly. "I've stopped trying. Travelling through dimensions is fastideously boring after the first three times. But through the realm of shadow I can only imagine how it might feel."
Only imagine... Can this be true? But how can I possibly be able to do it...
"I'll make a try," Kakyo said suddenly. He backed out of Kain's embrace. "But you will have to tell me how."
The vampire nodded. "It shouldn't be too hard. Think of where you want to go: a particular place in this world, or a person. I will keep contact with you in your mind, just in case you get lost... or stuck."
"Stuck?" It didn't sound too nice, and neither was the crooked grin Kain gave him
"Remember, there's a demon living in the realm of shadows. I believe you know Reske by now."
Kakyo grinded his teeth together. The snake-demon that had created Darwen. He truly loathed the creature. "I swear, if I ever see him again, I'll kill him."
"You can try," Kain shrugged.
Kakyo sneered again, then stepped toward a large strip of shadow in the deepest corner of the alleyway. He didn't notice passing the body of the dead woman. He held out a clawed hand and carefully slid the tips of his talons into the darkness. It felt a little like putting your hand into cold water. Kakyo drew back his hand and looked over his shoulder at Kain. The vampire simply nodded.
Kakyo bit his lip in doubt. This isn't going to work. I'm just going to take another step forward, and then I'll smash my face against the brick wall.
But instead of saying this, he took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He took a step forward.
Darwen. Take me to Darwen.

The rain had started to fall with a slight drizzle. Heavy droplets splashed onto the pavement, making the beton darken even more. Darwen tore his eyes from it. It reminded him too much of what had occurred about a week ago.
Kakyo's blood staining, darkening the street as it poured out of wounds none could heal. The terrible screams that haunted Darwen's nightmares had been his own.
A single tear made it's way down his cheeks, mingling with the raindrops already staining it. He sighed shakily. The dark-elf had not yet ceased his mourning, but the pain wasn't as heavy now as it had been a few days ago. There had been no will to live after Kakyo's funeral, but somehow he'd managed to pull through, even though he knew he looked a husk of whom he'd once been.
A shiver suddenly rippled down his spine. Darwen dismissed it as the wetness of the rain and cold wind playing in. But still... Where he kneeled by Kakyo's grave, something felt wrong.
The dark-elf's head snapped up. A voice? No, it couldn't have been that.
"Must be my imagination... Or maybe the wind." He shuddered, then sniffled. "Maybe I should go home."

Kakyo almost stumbled as he emerged from the shadows. The slippery feeling of the darkness that surrounded him slowly dribbled off him, like water droplets from a bird's feather. He shivered. It had felt like being wrapped in... well, shadows. There was no other description. It had been dark and cool, and so silent that he really didn't want to step out ever again. Even the connection with Kain had broken, and for once he'd been completely alone. And it had felt lovely. Almost as lovely as the oblivion death had given him, yet better; because he was sentinent when resting in the shadow realm.
But now, outside the darkness, he knew it was best not to stay too long. The rain felt good against his face, like tears of heaven. There was no pain in his heart when he looked at the dark-elf by his 'grave'.
"Darwen..." he whispered, overwhelmed by the surge of emotions that hit him when he laid eyes upon his loved one. And to his surprise, Darwen stirred. Kakyo pressed himself back towards the wall, trying to make himself unseen.
Did he hear me? How could he? The question was directed to Kain, so far away now, yet still so close.
He can hear you, but not see you. Not until you step outside anyway.
Kakyo frowned. Tell me, Kain. Can I create illusions with this new ability of mine?
You can try
Kakyo took another step back, and this time felt his foot come down on the soft black silk that was the ground of the shadow dimension. He held out his arms widely from his body and closed his eyes.
Grant me wings. Wings of shadow and darkness to form a matted cape of black feathers

Then the voice came one more time.
Darwen... My love...
Darwen's eyes snapped wide open in surprise and fright. "K- Kakyo?" he whispered, throat tight with held-back grief.
A light touch over his cheek, the refreshing and cold smell of a wind brushing over his lips. He looked up.
Still so pretty. Still radiating the warmth I always lacked
Darwen felt his eyes water. "I- it is you, isn't it? Kakyo..."
Yes The beautiful apparition held out it's right hand and stroke Darwen's cheek oh so very tenderly. Kakyo tilted his head to the right and smiled sadly. Why are you crying? I'm right here.
And still so far away.
Darwen recoiled, yes, almost shot back when Kakyo's fingers touched his face. Tears welled down his cheeks now. What's wrong?
"You're dead." It was an accusation. "I held you until your breathing stopped! I watched you die! You can't be here!"
"No! I'm not going to listen to you! You left me all alone! I have no-one!"
Kakyo felt a single blood tear of his own make its escape when he saw Darwen give into heartbroken crying once again. He bent forward and cupped Darwen's face in his hands. You don't want me to be here? Do you want me to leave?
"N- no..." Darwen sniffled. "I want you to come back."
Kakyo couldn't bear say the words 'I cannot', so he didn't. Instead, he closed his eyes and with outmost gentleness brushed his cold lips over Darwen's in a kiss as light as a butterfly's touch. Darwen shuddered with another sob and buried his face against Kakyo's chest when the golden-eyed Yani swept him into his arms.
I love you. I want to be with you always
Darwen looked up, heart visible through his eyes. He clutched Kakyo tighter. "And I love you," he whispered.
Folding his wings of shadow around Darwen in a dual embrace, Kakyo felt that he never wanted to let go. Blood tears now streaming down his own face unhindered blurred his visage, making it crimson red.
But I must take my leave of you
"I know," came the murmured reply. Still, neither of them let go of the other.
Kakyo bent so far down that his lips brushed against Darwen's slender ear. Let me be your Angel
And as he pulled away, smiling, returning to the shadows, the words that rang through his mind:
"You've always been my Angel."

Copyright © 2001 Vincent Seyuri. All rights reserved.