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Chapter 5 – Of Fan Girls

This morning I woke up looking like a panda to Rider's obvious delight. By obvious delight I mean he was smiling in a way that was clearly trying not to laugh at my expense. You head right, he smiled. He's actually been doing a lot of that lately and it makes his face go from broody to just hot but it's not like I can do anything about it without him suspecting anything about my gender or my sexual orientation. What a bummer.

It's taking me the whole day to try and shut him up. He just sits there, usually one or two seats in front or behind me with a smirk of sorts on his face. The bell rings at the end of class and out of the corner of my eye I can see him walking towards my desk, all packed up. He pats me on the head gently and I look up.

"Are you done gloating now?"

He grins a little. "Sorry, sorry," he says, averting his eyes.

I sniff and continue packing. "Damn right,"

He sighs a little before setting into Skylar's empty seat beside me. "You know, you should really try to get some sleep tonight…" he tweaks my nose gently. "Then you wouldn't have panda eyes," I swat his hand away, closing my bag.

"Well you're one to talk," I say, standing up. "You sleep at three in the morning sometimes,"

"Only when there's a good game or book that's keeping me up," he admits, shrugging a little and following me out the door.

I sulk, folding my arms. "I can't ignore my friends, right?"

"Oh so that's what's keeping you up all night?"

I scratch the back of my head nervously. "Only on some nights," I say, "Hey – at least I don't stay up until two every other night unlike someone," I purposely walk into him, jabbing him in the ribs with my elbow. He ignores me.

"Whatever. At least I don't have panda eyes,"

I hate it when I have to think of comebacks – my mind isn't exactly the best tailored towards comments that leave some sting. Before this whole male façade looking like I was about to throw a tantrum usually did the trick; but I have a feeling that would be harder to pull off around these guys (unless Evan was the one in question). What I hate more, however, is seeing him smirk at my evident struggle. "What are you staring at?" I mutter, stepping away a little.

"I was serious, you know, about sleeping more." He says, no longer smirking. "Besides, with you being so weedy…"

"I'm not weedy!" I snap, swatting him hard. "I'm just…I just…have a small build,"

He prods my arm lightly. "Of course, like girls have small build,"

I can feel myself panic and there's a really uncomfortable feeling in my gut as I stare at him, trying not to seem as I feel. "Uh…yeah, except – except I'm not a girl, I'm a guy…so, so…yeah. Maybe I'll have my growth spurt later," I fiddle with the buttons on my sleeve, feeling a little agitated. "B-besides, size doesn't account to power. I – I could take you down any day!" I say in a sudden bout of bravado.

"I was just kidding Kyle," he says, grinning slightly as he pats me on the head again. "You take everything so seriously,"

I gawk. "It's your fault. You make everything you say sound serious or – or ominous," I poke him hard in the gut.

"Hey!" he says, stepping away and putting a hand on the (probably) painful spot. "Why so violent?"

I shrug, swinging my bag over my other shoulder. "I'm not a girl,"

He stares at me. "I know,"


"Okay…" we stay in silence for awhile. I feel like punching myself – talk about seriously messing my disguise up! I mean 'I'm not a girl' – of course I'm not supposed to be a girl! I sneak a glance sideways at him. I hope he doesn't have any sudden suspicions…if I lose this bet to Hugh…well, let's just say I won't be very happy.

Skylar bursts out of nowhere when we turn the corner, failing his arms about. "You seriously don't want to go that way,"

"Why? It's the quickest way through,"

He turns to me. "I'm not talking about you. Rider's the one I'm worried about. You're not exactly dashing or charismatic like me or a basketball star like Rider…although you might appeal to some girls, I guess. I don't know how many go for the cute type," he shrugs lightly. I try to read Rider's static expression, but it's not helping me at all.

After staring at the ceiling for a few minutes Rider says, "We'd better go the long way,"

I gather my brows into a deep frown, completely and utterly confused. "What are you guys talking about?"

Skylar pinches the bridge of his nose, sighing and shaking his head. "Okay, today is a Saturday," he says slowly, as if he was talking to a toddler.

I glare at his insolence. "I know,"

"Every other Saturday and Sunday these…fan-girls of sorts come to visit,"

"As if you'd get fan girls," I can't help but mutter scornfully.

He looks a little hurt. "You wouldn't know,"

"Anyway, so what?"

"What do you mean 'so what'?" Skylar snaps, failing his arms again. "These girls are monsters. I mean I do enjoy the attention, but sometimes it's too much,"

"How'd someone like you get attention?"

Skylar gasps melodramatically and clutches his heart, "Isn't it obvious? My looks of course!" I suppose it could be true, even if he's a little rough around the edges. He does have amazingly blue eyes, after all.

Rider swats him on the head, rolling his eyes. "Actually this guy here got 'famous' because of soccer," I watch Skylar's face go from pale to a pinkish red. He grins sheepishly, scratching the back of his head. "He doesn't advertise it as much as his 'volleyball skills' or 'track'…but I personally think the local media does enough of that for him,"

"Soccer? I didn't know you played," I say, seeing him in a different light. "I love soccer,"

"You should try out for the team then!" Skylar says enthusiastically punching the air.

"Uh…maybe," Truth is, I'm not the best soccer player in the world. Back home the closest I got to playing on a team was in my back yard with a couple of my cousins.

Rider interrupts us with a loud cough. "Sorry to break it to you guys, but I hear a crowd getting closer and closer," I realize he's right as I strain my ears towards the corridor, recognizing the sound of giggling groups of girls. "Come on, let's hurry,"

It's only after we get to the main hall and I suddenly lose some warmth in my left hand that I realize Rider was holding my hand the whole way. I doubt he realized himself though.


I wonder if she noticed. I seriously didn't notice anything until I was about to let go. It must have been something instinctive – I would never do something like that if I was conscious, especially to someone like Kyle. Don't get me wrong, I don't not like her – I'm just not to sure what the hell is going on. I guess the fact that half the time I forget that she's a girl doesn't help at all. To her credit she's completely blended into our school even though her androgynous features do lean slightly to the more 'cute' side (hey, Skylar said it, not me).

Crap. What if she did notice? What if someone else noticed? I hope she doesn't question me about it – it would save me – no, us – a lot of embarrassing situations with the school's 'media', if you will.


Maybe I should've paid more attention to Skylar's constant warning about the whereabouts of the 'Monster Fan-Girls' (or MFG) because right now I'm stuck in a situation that I wouldn't particularly consider as being pleasant; trying to sneak a whole group of them by plastering myself to the wall. One of them turns around, her eyes seeming to be searching for something before they spot me in the corner.

"Hey! You're that new kid that hangs around Rider all the time!" she says in a sudden epiphany, pointing her phone at me. The whole group turns around, as if on cue and start to walk towards me. I feel like running away, but the soles of my feet seem completely rooted to the ground.

"Um, who? Me?" I say, pointing at myself and trying to sound as normal as possible.

"Uh-huh, I recognize you. You were with Skylar this morning. Personally, I think Rider's more of my type – but Skylar's okay too. Oh, and that Tim Hawks? He's cute too…do you know him?" I stare, shaking my head slowly. "That's a pity. Two out of three isn't bad though…" she says, turning to her friends who all nod in agreement. "What about Team? He hangs around with them as well,"

"I-I know Team…" I admit, rather reluctantly. She claps her hands in joy, smiling brightly. This is the section of my sex I'd rather avoid than be friends with.

"Right then, let's not waste time. Do you know where they are now? It used to be really easy to find them, but they must be really busy nowadays,"


Someone else walks in front hands on her hips, lips pursed. "Are you sure?" I nod, my hands tightening around the strap of my bag. Who knew we could be so domineering? "Okay, maybe you can help us out…like, are they still single?"

"Maybe, but maybe they're not. They don't seem to be the type of people who'd like to be tied down though," I say truthfully, relaxing a little. Call me evil, but I have a feeling I can somewhat control how these girls are feeling by what information I give them.

"Yeah…that would make sense…what about their phone numbers? We tried asking for them, but it never really worked,"

Phone numbers? I really pity these guys. "I don't think that's the type of information I have a right to give you…" I can hear my voice faltering as they start to look ticked off.

"Who cares about rights? You need to help us, please!" I sigh with a pained expression, shaking my head. What have I gotten myself into? "Okay, okay…what if you give them our phone numbers? Come on…I'm trying to compromise,"

"Um…I suppose I could…" In a flash I find myself with seven slips of paper in my hand, each with exact details and a little picture…honestly, what do these people do in their spare time?

"That's great! Now tell them we'll be waiting for them right here…and we won't take no for an answer now we've got our direct contact." She winks at me. "Oh, the other girls will be so jealous,"

"Hey…you're kind of cute too," another girl says, stepping forward and carefully scrutinizing my face, successfully plastering me deeper onto the wall. "Yeah, but you need work…" The other girls agree, nodding their heads simultaneously again. Oh, I'd love to see their faces if they knew about my little masquerade around school. "Anyway, be sure to give those to them okay?" I nod slowly, like a dog that's been trained to do so.

After a few minutes of preening in their little compact mirrors to the level that Skylar would be proud of they leave and I finally allow myself to relax. Their 'leader' – what was her name? I quickly check the little slips of paper. Oh, Jess – was really quite domineering…they seemed really quite nice, though a little extreme.

"What do you have there?" a familiar voice rushes through my head and I whip my eyes around to see who it is.

"Oh…this?" I say, lifting up my hand with the pieces of paper. He nods and I lower them again. "Uh…phone numbers from the MFGs."

He looks at me quizzically. "I'm sorry? MFGs?"

"Oh, uh, Monster Fan-Girls," I mutter, eyes averted. I don't know exactly why but I really, really don't want to give the slips of paper to him.

He laughs. "They're for you then?"

Ah, to lie or not to lie? Like I said, I don't know why but I'm half tempted to lie outright. "N…no, they're for you and Skylar. And Team, I suppose. Oh and some guy named Tim Hawks,"

"Some guy? Don't you know who Tim is?" he asks, looking a little surprised when I shake my head. "Well…you'll find out sooner or later," Usually I would press on nosily, but right now I'm in no mood to do anything of that sort – why the hell not? I have no idea.

I hold up my hand. "They're for you, take them."

He smiles before pushing my hand away. "Take them to Skylar or Team. I'm not interested," Suddenly, I can't help but grin happily.


"Why? Would you be interested in a pack of girls who you don't really know personally?" he says.

"Well, they wouldn't be interested in me anyway. They did say I was cute though, except I needed a little more work or something – I should go tell Skylar, shouldn't I?" I say, pocketing the little slips of paper and writing myself a mental note to give them to Skylar.

Then, randomly out of no-where; "You are cute," I stare at him and he gives a little off hand shrug.


"Uh…what I mean to say is that I'm not surprised that they said you were cute,"

I feel a little disappointed. "Oh…"

"Come on, let's go." He says, giving my shoulder a little push with his hand.

I look up. "Go where?"

"Um…give the slips of paper to Team, Skylar or Tim?"

"Oh, oh right. Yes." I feel a little confused. Why was I depressed? Why was I reluctant to give the numbers to him? It just doesn't make sense, not that I'm one for dissecting emotions. Shaking my head lightly, I try to lift up the mood. "Hey, I bet that Skylar will be thrilled to get these numbers," I say, waving them in the air.

He chuckles. "You think? I think he's going to accuse you of 'fraternizing with the enemy' instead,"

"Oh yeah? How much?" I proclaim, hands on hips.

He thinks for a little bit. "Let's say…twenty-five bucks?"

I nod. "Sounds right…wait, let's say twenty-five bucks and a secret? To make it more interesting?"

"So we can bet with secrets now?" he asks, an eyebrow raised.

"Sure can." It's what I do with Hugh, seeing as there's really not much point betting each other for money.

"Fine, alright – but I'm warning you, I'm not one to go back on my word,"

"Neither." We shake on it.

This should be interesting – as I'm going to win.

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