A Wild Song

Final Draft

Play me. Play me a song. Sing me a song of happy endings and mended hearts. Tell me a story. Sing me a song.

Her heart beat too wildly for her to keep her hands calm. Nothing worked but her slow, even breathing, and her pacing heart. It seemed to be going ten times faster than what it should have been.

Sing me a song of deep love. Keep your heart beating. Hear the rhythm, play the tune.

The violin. Play me. Play me a song of deep words and heartfelt emotion. Keep playing. Her fingers worked, her mind didn't. The light was just as useful as the darkness. She didn't need her eyes to play, but it would help. Her hands touched, and the strings were played.

Suddenly the stage with the light cast on her vanished, and her hands and her mind played a melody atop a broken tower. Candles dimly lit were set in candelabras before and behind her. The wall was broken, still breaking, and the clouds, black and gray overhead were moving away with the wind. The air whistled; the water crashed against the rock, her heart beat in tune with the song being played.

Sing me a song to move mountains. Play me the tune to part the ocean. The violin. The violin wanted her to play its song. A combination of fast and slow, sad and joyous, to keep in tune with her heart and when she had calmed and her eyes were void of everything but the sound of music playing in her ears, she could sing the lullaby to calm the raging winds and lessen the crashes of water on the shoreline.

Hours. It seemed like hours before she could readily say that a calm detachment lead her away from the audience. Keep it up. Keep playing…



Make them weep. Make them fly. Make them think they have nothing to lose and everything to win. Make them believe that their sorrows are for naught and the sky is no longer the limit. Sing me a song of love found, lost and found again and maybe you shall see why your heart is the drum playing in the background. A melody rich and deep.

The violin. It wanted her to play its song...

Author's Note: Inspiration by Kamelot's song Anthem and by Sylwiaa's My Violin Play Always on Deviantart.