I was screwed up. Majorly. I couldn't believe what my mind was thinking; what my mind desired. Was there something insanely wrong with me in the head? Honestly, what sane person would have those kinds of thoughts about a guy like him? First of all, it was completely weird and bizarre. Second, it was very wrong and absolutely no one, including my parents, would ever approve. But there I was with my dirty, impure thoughts about him. If anyone ever found out, I'd probably be a social outcast for sure. I mean, I was a loser already but my new found feelings didn't help my case much.

How could I have let this happen? Then again, what could have I done? It's not as if I could control my feelings/hormones. I was a sixteen year old girl for heavens sake; apparently a very naughty one. Not only that, but I felt like a whore. Ok, not really but I didn't like the way I was feeling about him. I mean, it was so wrong…wasn't it? Of course it was! First of all, he was twenty five years old. Let's start with that shall we?

There was a nine year age difference! And it was illegal. If I ever let it lead to something I could go to jail! And be classified as a slut or a whore just trying to get a good screw. I had been trying to get rid of those feelings since the first day of my junior year. To be more specific: at lunch on my first day of junior year. But they just never seemed to go away. They were like some pesky bee that just wouldn't leave. And if you tried to beat it with a stick it'd come back and bite you in the ass.

Just as he looked at me I diverted my eyes and looked back down at my paper. Way to go Claire! Now he'll definitely know you like him! I sighed and almost screamed at what I had sketched onto my notebook. It was his name and my name in a heart. I glanced up at my friends to see if they noticed or saw but they didn't. I ripped the paper out of my notebook and stuffed it into my empty lunch bag. I got up and threw it away before I took a seat back at the lunch table. I glanced up at him to find he was looking at me. I kept my face blank and tore my green eyes from his brown eyes.

This was how it was almost every lunch. It was weird and I wondered if he knew how I felt about him. I sure hoped not because that'd be embarrassing. I sighed and placed my chin on my fist. I looked at my friends Rebecca and Karen and tried to see if I knew what they were talking about. No such luck. I totally spaced out and now I had no clue what they were saying.

But after a few seconds, my mind didn't even care. It just went back to him. Him. Him. Him. I hated him. I hated the way he made me feel by just looking at me. I hated how he could make me blush or how he made me act like a little girl with her first crush. I hated the way he made me get butterflies in my stomach. But I knew I never really hated him. Actually, I really didn't even know how I felt. I just knew that I liked him a lot. A LOT! He was just so sexy with that head full of luscious, brown hair and those dark brown eyes. He almost looked mysterious. I sighed dreamily and took another glance at him. By that time, he had already looked away and didn't seem like he was going to look back.

I knew it was wrong but I just wanted one more look from him. From Lance Mitchell. I sighed again at his name. It was just so sexy. I found almost everything about him sexy. From what I could see, he had a muscular body. It wasn't REALLY muscular but enough to make him sexy and sometimes he would smile at me. Not just "Hey, I think you're crazy but I'll smile at you anyway" smile, but a charming one. As much as I shouldn't have liked him, I did. Oh well, not like that he'd like me back anyway. He probably had a girlfriend.

But all of those factors that should have gotten in the way didn't stop the feelings I had for him. I wish I could have crawled under a rock and died. But sadly I couldn't. As he left the cafeteria he caught a glance from me and gave me one of his charming smiles and a wink. Despite my better judgment, I blushed and smiled back. Oh yeah, did I mention he was the school janitor?


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