It was comforting, really, for people to realize who she was before she could say it aloud. Emotions of a new physical body were unstable the first couple of weeks, and yet again, she had to relearn them, cope with them, and master them. And it was…difficult, to say the least.

It was comforting, really, for her people to realize who she was before she could realize what she looked like. Or had Sora told them to expect her before she even came? It would have been thoughtless, to say the least, however, because people have a bad habit of running their mouths.

She braided her hair loosely over her shoulder, letting the extra strands of the long white hair that didn't comply with the braid flow freely with the wind. This place was so protected by the demy-gods: Earth, Water, Wind and Fire, that it had suddenly become these peoples way of life. Green practically all year long, the tree's leafs' change in color symbolizing their new year, rain that nurtured the farms, wind that kept this place from the heat and hearth fire that kept this place from the cold; almost like an everlasting autumn and it didn't seem like age could touch it.

It was amazing that this place remained a secret to those who would want to siege such a precious state of territory.

Coral's resounding sigh, broke the quietness of this place; broke the peace that almost seemed to hold where ever this place was together. Although, where this place was, she couldn't guess how far it was away from all of them. The village she currently resided in had no forest protecting them. In fact, a forest from the highest point in the village couldn't be seen at all. And though the natural springs that have been made over the years would be eventually connected to the ocean, Coral was sure that the sound of the waves hitting the rocks was not supposed to be heard from the farming village.

Another sigh escaped her lips, almost making her noises seeming like footsteps grating the pebbles together against a soundless night. Her head fell back against the tree trunk softly, closing her eyes and finding peace in sleep.

A deep chuckle sounded in the forest, footsteps that Coral mistook for her sigh continued on until the sleeping white figure could be seen like the moon glowing in the dark of night. Long white hair flowed down to the middle of her stomach. Her pallid face, serene in the cool setting of the sun, lay untouched by everything around her, like a precious artifact that couldn't be covered in dust. The tree she rested upon seemed to be made for her, as one leg followed the outstretched branch like a hammock and the other was up like an upside-down "V". Her hands rested against her abdomen between the prompted leg and her torso.

"Young Coral," the owner of the chuckle said, "you are the only person I know who thinks too much."

Coral stirred in her sleep but didn't wake.

The wind blew gently once more against the white hair of the sleeping form, the tree branches moved, and the leafs' rustling were the only thing that was heard in the night, Sora's hand followed the stray strands of hair that blew against the wind.

"But that's what makes you beautiful."