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She looked outside her window and saw the rain falling from the sky, she closed her eyes and listened to the drop ticking on her window, a lonely tear fell on her shirt and she decided to go to bed.

"Silencia! Wake up! We're going to your new school!"

My name is Silencia Moon, I've been living with total idiots my whole live and when I proved my intelligence by getting an incredible score for an IQ test, they give me a scholarship for 'Butterfly Academy for the rich and gifted' an all girl school for rich bitches or the unlucky ones who are forced to be there by there parents, I'm one of the unlucky ones, I even think I'm the only one who isn't rich in this damned school! I know the rich bitches will bully me, why won't they? I'm the perfect victim, I'm 'the commoner', I've got glasses, no designer glasses of course, and my name's weird. The only thing I like about myself is my hair, long and black as the night, and my eyes, they've got a strange colour, there pink. Everyone loved my eyes and hair, my friends always wanted to do my hair and always helped me, I needed that, because most of the girls hated me and my hair, I always thought that was strange, because my hair and eyes were the only things that were pretty about me and the other girls were beautiful from head to toe. I think I should go and get ready, its going to be a long day. I need to go to my new school and meet all the teachers, even the ones that I wont see in class, then I got to try my uniform and bring my stuff to my room. And then I have to stay there, 'Cause I need to meet the boys from 'Beetle Academy for the rich and gifted' an all boy school on the other side of the street. Both schools are founded by the same person, and she (obviously) loves insects. Really weird that I have to meet boys from Beetle Academy instead of the girls of Butterfly Academy. But I will survive! Hope there are some nice persons there.


He looked outside of the window of the limo and sighed, the rain made the world look like a sorrowful world, he wanted to be alone, but the loud voices made it impossible to think so he decided to be a decent host, so he turned to his guests.

"We're here! Let me help you." "Well thank you, you were a wonderful host, we will definitly think about the contract you're father send us."

"Bye, have a nice trip!"

My name is Teresias Starlight, I know, my name's weird, but when you're rich its called 'exotic'. I'm rich and the son of an successful business manager, that means I never see him and I've got an own credit card like most people in my school. My life sucks! I hate it to be alone every evening, I'm rich with money, but I'm poor with love. I never see my father and my mother is dead, I've got no brothers or sisters, I only hear from my father when he needs me for something, like being the host for important business partners so my father can make more money. I've got no real friends, there only my friends because our fathers need us to be friends. I want to know how it feels to be a normal boy, going to a normal school with friends and a mother and father who're there when you need them and when you don't need them. I want to be loved and I want to love. I really sound desperate, don't I? I'm not really that desperate, my life isn't that bad either, I'm not really lonely, when I come home there are always butlers and maids who welcome me, most of them really love me, because I treat them better than my father does. And most of the girls of the Butterfly Academy (the all girl school which is found by the same person as the Beetle Academy, my school) faint when they see me, so I'm loved too. I just want to know how it is to be a commoner. Well I should be going, I've got to attend a lot of gatherings and I have to meet a new girl in the Butterfly Academy. Hmpf, why do we (boys from the Beetle Academy) always have to meet the new girls of the Butterfly Academy!

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