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I look out of the window of the car

"Sigh, aren't we there yet?"

"No Silencia, it will take more than an hour."

I sigh again and put my earphones in, I listen to my favorite song and quietly sing the lyrics. The car stops,

"What's wrong?"

I ask my 'mother'

"We got hit by a limousine, you just stay in here and wait for us to return okay Silencia?" "Okay"

I say.

'As if!'

I think.

When my 'parents' walk out of the car, I sneak out of the car and walk slowly behind them, they don't see me! An old man steps out of the limo and my 'dad' immediately starts to talk:

"Is there any damage to the limousine? If there is I hope it isn't too bad and ... "

"Sorry, but you can discuss all that with my Master"

interrupts the man. 'Dad' starts to blush like crazy when he realizes his mistake. The butler/old man opens the door and a boy from my age steps out of the limo, he looks me right in the eye, he's got an angry look in his eyes.

"Silencia?! I told you to stay in the car!"

But I can't hear my 'mother' I am terrified by the look of his eyes.


I close my eyes and think about all the things I have to do. The limousine stops and I open my eyes 'and I thought I could rest a little before I go to school' I think. James opens the door and I step out, the first thing I see is a girl of my age, she looks different, she is a normal girl, yes that is it! She is normal! It stings in my heart, why her and not me? I realize now I still look like I want to kill someone and I am only looking at the girl, poor girl, she must be terrified! I hear the women call her Silencia, that's a strange name, just like mine! I calm myself and I begin to talk:

"If there is any damage to your car I'll pay for it"

The man looks surprised,

"N..No need, only a scratch, but I hope there isn't too much damage to the limousine"

I smile, the man is being kind and tries to apologize, but it isn't his or James' fault.

"No problem, there isn't any damage, and we both couldn't do anything about it, could we?

The man smiles and thanks me, the women smiles and thanks me too, but the girl is already sitting in the car and is doing something I couldn't see, 'she's really something' I thought when I was driving away to my school

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