A/N: I know that this is kind of bad. It didn't feel right trying to rhyme most of the words in this, so it ended up as a major free form. I definately think I could use some helpful suggestions on this. Thanks.

Two Mothers

She had a life before me.

One I could never know.

She's changed who she is for me,

but sister still sees the old


Sister knows the life before me

if only but a part

I only see the weights and chains

anchoring the new


Our mothers are different people.

Both inside of one.

She prosecutes my only

and I defend her enemy


We've created a wall between us.

One that won't come down

and sister is all the more bitter

mother won't cross to her side


Sometimes I wonder what it is like

to have an older sister

One that doesn't hate you;

One that doesn't resent you


She's built a wall between us

although I have let go

She still grasps and pulls the chains

of a mother that is no more.


Mackenzie McConnell