So Smile.

Chapter 1

"KATRINA ALEXIS SANDERS GET UP!!" Mr. Sanders yelled up the stairs to his 15-year-old daughter. Katrina rolled her eyes. She had been awake for two hours to finish packing. Kat lived in Portland, Oregon on an Air-force base. She was leaving today to go to the Air-force base in Spokane, Washington. Kat didn't want to leave again. She had just got settled here but she was moving again and she'd have to face up to that. She had just finished packing when her dad had yelled up the stairs of her current home. She got up from her chair walked downstairs.

"Dad, I've been up for like two hours," she said looking at him. He smiled.

"Good. Have you finished packing?" she nodded.

"I had just finished when you yelled at me." she said grinning. She loved her dad. He had a sense of humor and he wasn't very mean unless she gave him a reason to be. He gave her a lot of privileges because he thought it would teach her responsibility. Her dad was awesome in her eyes. He could be slightly overprotective. He made her call every five hours unless he knew exactly where she was and what she was doing at the time. He got her a navy blue razor for her 12th birthday so she could stop using her little firefly that had his and her best friend's phone number programmed into it.

She turned around and ran back upstairs, her light brown hair flying behind her. Katrina had mid-back length dark blond-light brown hair. Her eyes were a warm blue that everyone loved. Her complexion was a creamy white. She had a tan but when you live in Oregon you don't get that much of one. Katrina likes being called Alex or Kat. Everyone of her friends call her Alex depending on where they were from. Her friends from Idaho called her Kat. Her friends from Portland called her Alex. She would introduce herself as Kat Alex Sanders because Katrina was to girly for her and Alexis reminded her of her mother. Her mother had left when she was 10 so she had been living with alone with her dad for about six years. Her birthday was coming up soon. As was Christmas. It was December 8. Her birthday was December 23. She thought it was weird that it was two days before Christmas and not just on Christmas.

She got upstairs and turned her music on. Another thing about Kat was, was that she would listen to anything and EVERYTHING. She had a mix of Jonas Brothers to Akon, to put it simply she had a lot in her ipod.

She put her ipod on high so it was blasting in her earphones. She started dancing around her empty room, trying to make the thought of moving go away. She was listening to Smack Dat and singing along. She laughed at herself slightly. She walked over to her backpack which she was keeping the essentials for the 4 hour drive to Spokane. She kept her diary in it. A notepad which she would draw in. Two books. She also kept her laptop, her cell, and some extra lip gloss in it. She slund it over her shoulder and put it downstairs. She turned to JoJo's Leave and sang along..

After a while she heard someone knock on the door. She opened it and saw Zach standing there. She hugged him. She took out her earphones as he held her.

"I really wish you could come Zach. I am going to miss you," she said to him.

"I'm going to miss you to. I love you. Kat I love you but long distance relationships don't work. I think we should see other people." He said letting go of her. She looked up at him.

"I agree. Just know that I love you," she said. Her thoughts daring her to cry. His eyes softened when he saw that his girlfriend wasn't yelling at him. She laughed at him.

"So do you want to stay friends?" he asked his now ex-girlfriend. She smiled at him.

"Only if you do." He grinned at her.

"I'd love to. I am so happy you understand where I'm coming from." She nodded and looked in Zach's eyes.

"I know. I promise if I fall again. I'll fall for someone who is just as good as you." Katrina said knowing what to say to him.

"As I you." Zach said. She smiled at her friend. She grinned thinking of something to do before he left. She turned her ipod to her favorite song Diary Of Jane by Breaking Benjamin and stuck one earpiece in her ear and the other in her friend's ear. He smiled at her when he heard the song. They had officially made that their song since it was both their favorite song. Katrina was totally obsessed with Breaking Benjamin. Zach loved their music but he wasn't obsessed. She started jumping around singing and air-guitaring. Her guitar was already packed and she didn't feel like unpacking it just for this. Her dad told Zach to calm her down. Zach nodded and went to calm his friend down.

"Kat, calm down. I have to go. I love you. Call me when you get to your new house. I'll talk to you later." he said giving her a kiss on the cheek.

"Don't forget." She smiled and said with him, "SMILE!" They had made that up when they were younger. She used to not be very happy with moving around a lot so Zach made her say that every time she frowned. Zach laughed and walked down the stairs and out the door. How she loved him and his laugh. He always knew how to cheer her up. She was sure going to miss him. Her dad came in.

"Are you ready to go?" She looked at him.

"I'll never be ready to leave this place but if you mean am I ready as in am I packed and ready to get in the car and drive off and watch the last place I had friends move away. Then yes. I am." She said simply. Her father sighed and nodded.

"Alright then lets go. I want to make it out of here before rush hour." She nodded grabbing her backpack and suitcase. She shoved her ipod in her pocket and walked down the stairs one last time before she left the house for good. Her heart sank as she got in the car. Her father started it up and started driving away from her home. She stared out of the passenger side window. Until The End had come on the radio. She smiled as she sang along. After the song ended she grabbed her pillow and fell asleep listening to Breath and other Breaking Benjamin songs.

About three or four hours later she was woken by her father stopping the car. She looked out the window and saw a small house. It was a light tan brown.

"Is this it?" Kat asked looking around the yard.

"No this is our neighbor's place I thought you wanted to meet them. They have a son. He's your age I think. Mr. and Mrs. Smith told me they would love you to meet him." She looked at him, then at the house.

"Can't I just meet him tomorrow?"

"Alright you need to rest anyway. I'm going to go talk to them, that's our house over there go pick your room." He said pointing to a nice sized house next to it. Her eyes widened. How are we paying for this? She thought to herself. She walked over to the house and opened the door. It was already furnished. She walked up the long stairs and picked a room that was easy to find. It was a big room. It was about the size of her old dinning room. She had a bed in the corner. She had three doors in her room. One for her closet. One for her bathroom and one that led to the hall. She set her suitcase down and began unpacking.

A couple hours later Kat looks at the time. She starts to wonder where her dad is and goes down stairs.


No reply.

"Dad?" She said now yelling.

No reply. She starts to get scared. He should have been home by now. She walked over to the neighbor's house and knocked on their door. A boy her age answers it.

"Is my dad here?" she asked slowly.

"Oh you must be the Sanders girl they were talking about. Yeah he's here he's just talking to my parents." He said slowly as if he couldn't care any less.

"Oh. Well can you tell him I went for a walk around the neighborhood?" He nodded.

"Sure. Want me to show you around?" he asked politely.

"No thank you I can handle myself." she said mostly to herself but he understood.

"Alright. See you around then Sanders."
"Bye Smith." She said before walking off the porch. She took out her cell and dialed Zach's number.

"'Lo?" he asked slowly.

"Hey Z."

"Oh hey K."

"We're here. I met this boy.. He was so weird."

"Oh hmm."

"You aren't jealous are you?" She asked laughing.

"No of course not. Just weird hearing my best friend and ex-girlfriend talk about guys."