So Smile

Chapter 6: Dance?!?!? Part 1.

Zach smirked at me. Why the hell was he smirking? MY Zach would never smirk. That is so wrong on SO many levels.

I glared at him. "What do you want Hanson?" I spat. His eyes went slightly wider then narrowed very quickly, I knew he was thinking that I had never snapped like that to anyone, except Jackson.

Don't ask. Long story.

"Well I was going to ask you to the dance. Gosh. What bit your but today?" he asked.

"What bit me? What bit me? Are you insane have you not looked in a mirror? I mean I leave you for what? Six hours and you one of them?" I yelled at him.

"And besides I already have a date." I said date then turned and looked at Kane slowly. He shrugged. I guessed that to mean he didn't care. I ran to the nearest bathroom. At least there no one could talk to me. To much emotion. I wasn't going to cry. Not now. Not ever.

I let one small tear trickle down my face. One small tear so filled with emotion. And there and then I swore to myself I would never let another fall. I've been down the long and lonely path. I lost Katrina a long time ago. Katrina died along with the small thread of love that held my heart together.

No I decided a long time ago that I wouldn't love again. Like I said Zach was a fluke. Now I remember why I said I wouldn't love. Every time I fall in love, my heart gets ripped away. Every time.

The only reason I let Zach in was because I thought maybe he was different. Maybe he actually liked me enough to not rip out my heart. Saying goodbye was hard enough, but saying hello again was hell. I should have hung up the phone and left, without ever looking back.

Now Kane. Kane is exactly what I've been looking for, he's not exactly my best friend so I guess that's an up, because I've dated friends before, never works out. Take Zach for example.

I'm going to, if he wants, give Kane a chance, I've had my heart break a bunch of times before, I can handle one more if I need to.


I think it was about two hours late, at least that was what my phone said, I had finally left the girls bathroom. Maddy had come in to try to comfort me. She did, a little. I can't believe it's only the second day of school, and my heart thread was already cut again.

Kane caught up to me a little while later and talked to me.

"Hey," he said coming up to me.

"Hey Kane, what's up?" I asked him.

"Well, us."

"Are you breaking up with me? Because we aren't even dating." I joked. He grinned and shook his head.

"No I was actually wondering, if you wanted to…" He trailed of.

"To what?"

"Go to the dance, like as a date, date." He mumbled. I smiled and hugged him.

"Sure. I'd love to." His face lit up.



It's Friday, I'm at home (well the house I currently live in) with Maddy, and we're getting ready for.. Duh… duh… dun… the dance! I'm sure you saw it coming. But I'm in this spaghetti-strap gold dress that comes to my ankles. (it is a formal dance) My hair is up in a sort of pony tail, it's like clipped up so it comes down and sticks out a little bit. It's hard to explain, the clip I put in is going up into the back of it, so it's like pushing out. As for shoes, I have this pretty silver shoes that have a small heel to them, so I can dance without my feet dying.

Maddy is wearing this pretty red strap-less dress, that comes just past her knees, and black leggings. Her hair is up sort of like mine, except she has different types of clips holding it up. It looks really pretty. She's wearing black shoes that really go with the dress. We both have colored contacts in, mine are purple with little gold stars on them, and Maddy's are kind of yellow-greenish, with the same stars except they're silver.

I decided an hour before the guys were going to show up, that I didn't like my hair. It's still black. So I took out the clips, and ran my fingers through it. So much for last thing of my mothers. But why should I care? It's not like she loved me anyway, she left me. She left me with dad, who ends up leaving to.

Anyways I decided to go a little out there and took out my hair highlighter. I put in blond. So I now have dark brown-black with blond highlights. I think it looks good. Oh Almost forgot, make-up! I have liquid liner on, not heavy to look slutty but to make it all Ashley Simpson. In fact my eyes probably matched hers except for the contacts. I had a nice pink for the lips, a bit of blush, and some gold eye shadow. I think that's it for me. Maddy has the same eye makeup except she has more of the Smokey eyes going on for her, a darker lipstick, and the same blush.

Wow I describe myself in way more detail than other people.

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