Author's Note

Hey gang! I don't know if you guys look at my profile (which, btw, you should totes do, because I have a poll) BUT "james nathan, i have something to say" has been nominated for a TiRO award! For "Most Original Plot," too, so if you love the plot, please vote! Chase will buy you milkshakes and curly fries, he swears. And Gracie might just explain exactly why she's actually pissed off at James Nathan. I crack myself up.

Actually, check out the whole site. It's pretty golden; there are some awesome nominations up, many of whom can write much better plots than me, haha.

Anyway, voting started on the first goes to the 23rd of January. You can only vote once, though, so choose wisely! (and by choose wisely, I mean pick me. Except not, because there are some really good nominees up there. Read them all!)