Words betray me when they slip from my lips

and into your ears. Somehow you turn the kindest

statement into a insult, the lion to lamb, the rose to thorns.

I cringe when you look my way, feeling your dark,

judging thoughts passively hidden behind your smile.


We're in some need of connection, my friend, yet

if I was to ever say that to your face I'd merely

receive a shrug. You're turning to false idols, my

friend, you who are so devote in your worship.

All I can do is monitor my words and juggle glass.


When I look into your eyes I see the thinnest blue

ice. When I hear your words, it's awkward and broken,

yet you're so eloquent in your speech. I don't know

what to do, other than to put up with your wounded

puppy whimpers and pouts. You started this dance,


my friend,


and now I must play it out.