Hello Kittie
Waves from the corner
Head white as an egg
Mouth cute and bulimic.

I. Surprise is
A rare leaf
In my book.
But of you
I expected nothing
And was,

II. I admit, I was relieved
At the cessation of your induced ephemeral idea
Crushed and swept up from
Yellow linoleum floors,
With peanut butter and butterscotch cookies
Floating in effervescing green pools
Of Mountain Dew.

III. I smell candles and shampoo,
The vertigo imitation of sharpie markers.
You voice is honest
Red, blue wax, off-white walls
TV pantalla glowing in the near suburban pitch
To hear you,
Your insufficient weariness, and patient curiosity,
I fall under a subtle enchantment
Which galvanizes me to listen
As we weave articulate spells,
Just listen
For a sweet and bleak hour
Because you sound like you need to
Talk to someone, and winter
Is the season for
Forgetting the minutes.

IV. Music, male species,
Babysitting and guitar lessons,
The states of our carpets and
Blisters, the exploitation of
Chinese takeout in horror films.

V. This weekend (or tomorrow)
I'll buy you silver nail polish
And Ghiradelli
(I have no idea
What else to get you
When you deserve
A gift).