All the Pills At Once

This headache won't seem to go away,

One pill just doesn't do,

Maybe it'd go away ,

If I took more than just two.

If I took all the pills at once,

Tell me, Would it make it all

go away ?

Tell me now, What if it didn't?

How would my body react?

I'm so tired this morning,

and I have a big test.

One pill to stay awake,

I need to do my very best.

One pill just never seems to do.

It may go away, but not forever,

I'm addicted to pills,

Hoping it'll make things better.

It's so dark in this world,

Maybe a bright light or two

Wouldn't hurt much.

Love, I don't need you.

I need pills.

Not just one,

I'm taking all the pills at once.

Overdose, Break down.

Tears fall and the world is numb.

The light, I see it.

I'm reaching, reaching..

It's out of my reach.

People, they surround me,

I'm alive, how could this be?

They disapprove me,

as they disapprove my foolish stunts.

They give me advil, to calm my headache,

They left the container within my reach.

All the pills at once .. and it's over.

All the pills at once .. and I'm through.

All the pills at once .. and I'm gone.

All the pills at once .. and I'll miss you.

jes lutz.

nov 25/07