Well, here's the first chapter of Typical. It's kind of short, but I didn't want to but too much in it at once. I hope you all like it, but if you don't, that's fine. I appreciate all reviews. :) Thanks and enjoy.

Chapter One

Half Naked

I had just gone through the most embarrassing moment in my life. There I was, after basketball practice, changing my clothes in the girls' locker room, half naked mind you, when two guys walked in on me. They were in basketball warm ups, I was in panties and a sports bra. Their eyes widened, and smirks stretched across their faces.

"Get out!!" I yelled at the top of my lungs.

"Whoa, babe. Calm down. You shouldn't be embarrassed. There's nothing to be embarrassed of." Chris Owens replied. He was a senior at my school, and one of the most popular guys there. Beside Chris, was the other most popular guy at my school, and his best friend, Jack Fye.

I grabbed the nearest article of clothing I had laying around and used it to cover myself. It wasn't all that effective. "Why are you guys in here? It's the girls' locker room, not the guys'."

"We didn't think anyone would be in here now, but we had to make sure so the team we're playing against tonight doesn't walk in on any naked girls since they use this locker room." Jack explained.

Neither of their eyes left my body, which made me extremely umcomfortable.

"You could have knocked." I said.

They looked at each other and smiled, "Yeah, we could have." Chris grinned. "Springston is going to be here soon, so get decent and get out of here." he told me then walked out.

Jack didn't follow. Instead he walked towards me. "Get. Out." I demanded, but he didn't listen. Why would he? I was nothing to be intimidated by, he was about a foot taller than me, and weighed a lot more. Most of it being muscle. He didn't have to listen to me. He had a size advantage.

When he started getting too close, I began backing up. "I'm not gonna hurt you," he said. "I just want to talk." he smiled.

"We don't have time to talk. The other team will be here soon, and you have to go get ready for the game. So why don't you get the hell out, like I've been telling you too, so I can get dressed and leave?"

I was frustrated, and still really uncomfortable with him staring at me like that, and being so close.

"Hm, you're right. It doesn't matter though, I can talk to you some other time. Later, babe." he winked, then walked out.

I continued getting dressed. I threw on my gray basketball sweat pants, and a tournament tee shirt. The whole time I wondered why Jack Fye all of a sudden wanted to talk to me. He knew me for about four years now, and had to have seen me around school considering our school wasn't big at all.

Was he only interested because he saw me half naked? I don't even think he knows my name.

I did plan on staying to watch the game, but I decided that I should just go home.

That night when I got home I decided to call my best friend Laina. "Hey Erica!" she greeted when she answered the phone. "What's up? How was practice?"

She was an extremely friendly girl, and loved to listen to people and hear about their days. So I was going to give her something to listen too.

"Well, practice was fun, it was what happened after practice that was horrible and humiliating." I said, resting my forehead in the palm of my hand.

"Ooohh, tell me, tell me." she seemed so excited.

"Well, I went down to the locker room to change my clothes, and Chris Owens and Jack Fye walked in on me. They said that they had to go down to make sure no one was in there for the visiting team."

She gasped. "Chris Owens and Jack Fye saw you naked?!" she exclaimed.

"Half naked. Just half." I replied. "And yeah, they enjoyed it too by the looks of it. Not to sound arrogant or anything. But, that's not really what I need to tell you."

Nothing really happened when Jack was in there alone with me. Why was I so caught up in it? He would never talk to me again, he was probably only screwing around with me. What would he want with me, when he could get anything he wanted from any girl in the school. Girls who were prettier and more known than me.

I was just being paranoid.

"Then keep talking!" she said.

"Ok, well. Chris left, but Jack stayed. He walked up to me, and he was really close, and staring at me. He said he just wanted to talk, but I was so uncomfortable with him there that I told him we didn't have time to talk because the other team would be there soon and that he had to get ready for the game." I explained.

"Is that it?" Laina asked, she sounded disappointed. Almost like the news I had for her wasn't juicy enough.

"He said we'd talk later," I added. "But I don't know Laina. I mean he's so popular, and basically all of the girls want him, and would take whatever they could get instantly. What does he want with me?"

"You are a very gorgeous girl, Eri. Believe it or not, but I always see guys staring at you when you walk by, and whispering to their friends about you. You have no idea." she giggled.

I laughed. "Thanks, Lainy. But you know that's not true. Sure, I'm not ugly, but I'm not gorgeous either. You, on the other hand, are fucking stunning."

It was 100 true. Laina had to be one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen. I didn't understand why she hung out with me, when she could be friends with any of the popular kids. She would fit right in with them.

"Whatever you say, Eri. But anyway, I don't know what Jack is like. Other than he's a total sleaze, but you never know, he might be interested in you."

Again, I laughed. "Please. If he was interested in anything, it wouldn't be me, it would be my body. And he would have to be really desperate for that to happen."

Laina sighed. "Erica, seriously, stop being so hard on yourself. Take my word for it, you are gorgeous. And you're body is killer. Sure, you're boobs aren't ginormous, but they fit you because you're a tiny person. You're stomach is nice and toned, and your legs are amazing. Your hair, face, everything is pretty. So stop being so self conscious."

I smiled. "Alright. Thanks, Laina. You know you're really good at making me feel better?"

"I try. Well, it's getting kind of late, I should go. I'll pick you up at around 7:15 for school tomorrow. Be ready, or I'm leaving without you." she warned, even though we both knew she never would.

"No problem. I'm always ready on time." I replied.

"Ok, see you tomorrow, dear."

"Bye, bye." I hung up the phone, and sat it on the night stand by my bed. I got off my bed and went into the bathroom and ran a hot shower.

I was out within ten minutes, and wrapped a towel around me, and went back to my room to throw on some clothes. I took out a pair of panties, and a bra and slipped them on, then jammy pants, and a big tee shirt.

I got in bed, and fell asleep easily.

The last thought on my mind was Jack, and if he was actually going to talk to me. For some reason, I really wanted him too.