Chapter 17

What Is It?


But unfortunately for me, Laina was not coming around tonight. And I had no choice but to sick here and listen to the noise coming from the fight downstairs. Occasionally there would be glass shattering or a loud thump, and I could only imagine how pissed off Renee was going to be. I wasn't worried about Jack, he would be fine. Chris wasn't entirely there himself, so he shouldn't be much of a challenge right now. I only cared that after this was all over, Chris would leave me alone for good.

Watching another fight between the two was too much to bear tonight. I already had enough on my mind. Like, what happened while Jack was missing in action, and where the other guys were at now. Were they going to back off of Jack now and leave us be? Jack came home a little busted up; did they get the revenge they wanted? Or was there more to come? I had so many questions I wanted the answers too from Jack when Chris was finally gone.

I sighed and leaned back against the bed. The clock on the end table read 8:15. Even after my two hour nap today, I was beat. I wanted nothing more than to crawl under Jack's sheets and fall asleep. But, I only wanted to do that with him beside me. So, I would wait a little bit longer for him to come up here with me.

Finally, after another ten or fifteen minutes a door slammed. There were footsteps running up the stairs and I sat up. Jack walked through the door with a bloody nose and a few other cuts and bruises on his face. He seemed as though there was nothing wrong though. He didn't say a word as he pulled me in his arms and hugged me close. He leaned down and kissed me like it was the last time he would have the chance. Though, I knew there would be plenty more kisses like this one.

"Are you okay?" he asked as soon as he pulled away. I nodded in reply. "I'm sorry for leaving you here. I should have known that something like that would happen. He didn't do anything to you did he?" There was panic in his eyes. Was he really that concerned about me?

"No, not really. He smacked me and kissed me and that's about it. I didn't let it go any further than that. I stalled." I smiled.

He tensed when I mentioned Chris smacking me. "He hit you?" he asked. "God, I hate him."

I shrugged. "I'm not exactly a big fan of him either. And he's not very good at kissing. He's sloppy."

My attempts at humor were not very successful. Jack didn't laugh at my joke, he glared. I guess he really didn't like the idea of Chris kissing me anymore than I liked the actual kiss. He hugged me tight against him again and sighed. A relieved sigh. "He won't be around us anymore. I made it perfectly clear that if he tried to mess with our relationship ever again, then he would be eating through a tube for a very long time. And I was completely serious."

"Do you think he'll actually listen to you?"

"Yeah. He's sick of fighting with me. He's after you and I'm in the way, and it's been made obvious that he's not getting passed me. I won't let anyone near you in that way."

"So, what? Are you the overbearing and possessive boyfriend now?" I asked, teasing.

This time, he did chuckle. "Totally." He bent forward and kissed me again. "I guess I better go clean up my face. I'm glad my parents aren't coming home anytime soon. Mom would flip if she saw my face like this." he said as he walked to the bathroom.

I had a few more questions to ask him about what happened after he had left earlier. Whatever happened between Jack and Adam and all of Adam's friends was something I wanted to know every single detail about what happened. It couldn't have been too bad because Jack was home fairly quickly, and he seemed perfectly fine besides being incredibly outraged.

After waiting a few minutes, Jack stepped out from the bathroom with no more blood and and a bandaid over his right eye where there was a small cut. He joined me on the bed and laid down, stretching out his muscles and making himself comfortable.

"So, what exactly happened between you and Adam when you left earlier?" I asked.

He laughed softly. "Nothing too difficult to handle," he replied. "When I met up with them, it was Adam, Jason, and Reese. Usually there's five of them, but Matt and Clint were missing. First, Adam just started with his bullshit of how I ditched them and I'm a sell out. Then, they told me how I could make it much easier on myself by just sticking around awhile so that Chris could finish whatever he was up too. When they mentioned Chris, I knew that he was here with you and that he was planning on ... you know. So, I talked to them pretty quickly. Told them that Chris was a liar and everything that he said to them wasn't true, and that I wanted nothing to do with them again. But, they didn't get the hint that I had to leave, so when Adam grabbed my shoulder and pulled me back, I nailed him right in the eye. Jason and Matt tried to charge at me, but they were drunk off their asses so I just tripped them. When I was walking away, Adam grabbed my ankle and pulled me to the ground, that's where the scraps on my face came from. But, I just gave him a few good kicks to the rib and walked off."

"Wow, they are pretty pathetic," I said.

"Of course. You know, I drove like eighty miles per hour the entire way back here. I knew Chris doesn't waste anytime, and it made me sick to think about him ... and you."

"You really hate even saying it, don't you?"

"Well, duh. You're my girlfriend. I don't particularly like other guys trying to have sex with you. Especially someone like Chris."

"And I wouldn't be too happy with other girls trying to have sex with you. Even though one already did. But, we weren't dating at the time, so I guess it's nothing to be mad over. Even though I was so entirely pissed I could have punched you both."

"You had a right to be. I shouldn't have done that to you," he replied, wrapping his arms around me, and pulling me closer. He kissed my temple. "But, nothing like that will ever happen. I'm done even speaking with Riley, she's a bitch. I'm completely devoted to you. What the fuck did you do to me?" he joked.

"I could ask you the same question," I retorted, cuddling closer to him and buried my face in the warmth of his neck.

In the past month almost Jack and I have somehow changed each other more than either of us thought possible. The complete 180 that Jack pulled off was much more noticeable than my changes, but I wasn't exactly the same person as before. When I first met him I was a hollow shell with hardly any emotions other than anger towards everyone except Laina. She was the only person that I could show any affection towards, because she was the only one who did so for me.

Now, I've opened up. I'm learning to trust more and more people, but only the right people. Jack and Tommy were two new additions into my life that I'm glad I have now. Each of them is more important to me than they realize. Tommy is like the brother that I never had, but always wanted when my parents weren't around or just didn't care. And Jack has basically filled the void in my life that was left by my ex before. Without the help of him, I'd probably still be the sarcastic, cold bitch that most people had known of me. But, of course, the sarcasm is never going away.

As for Jack, he's changed from being the biggest party thrower and being voted most likely to get wasted at a party, to a more laid back and a caring boyfriend that any girl would love to have. I believe that Jack and I can make it much further than a lot of people probably think. If he was able to make such an impression on me in just a short amount of time, then I don't see us splitting up in the near future. I couldn't imagine feeling the same about another guy like I do Jack. I know it's not love yet, by far, but it's something. And, that's all I need to hold on to until I find out exactly what it is.


Gasp. Yes, it really is the end. I didn't have any ideas to continue it any longer, so I figured it was best to stop it now before I tried to keep going for a few more chapters, and it ending like crap. Also, I realize this chapter was mega short, but really, the simpler the better. (: Anyway, I'm not 100 percent sure of this, BUT I think there might be sequel. It'll be set in a later time though, like Erica's senior year. But, that's my plan. It'll be awhile from now though. I'm sort of working on a completely different story right now though. So, yeah. Keep checking in to see when it's up. I have absolutely no idea when it'll be. hahah. Later gators. (: