She sat there silently watching everyone walk by, talking amongst his or her group of friends. Sometimes she wished she was them, but the truth was she far from them. Samantha Wilcox was her name. And she was the invisible girl, only noticed when her intelligence was needed. See, Sam was smart. Extremely smart for her age, and that's what stopped people making friends with her. To everyone, she was the school geek, a nerd. Even the people that were slightly geeky didn't want her in their group because she was that unpopular. She sighed, shaking her head as she put it back into her book, waiting for the school bell to go. She'd never have friends, and she new that.

Once the bell had gone, Sam was in class and ready to work. She was never late. The kids filed in and got to their seats, chatting and laughing until the teacher came, and still, even when he was there, they continued ignoring him. Sam shook her head again. She'd rather get a brilliant education and good job then be in a crowd of people and be distracted. It still hurt though, that she had no friends. It made her feel incredibly alone. She tucked a few strands of hairs behind her ears to get them out her face. Her hair was too long. It was a dark brown colour and it fell half way down her back. Maybe she'd get it cut. Along that thought, she thought about getting contact lenses as well. Suddenly she found herself thinking about having an entire make over to look better and be noticed. She shook her head again, 'don't be so stupid,' she thought, 'you don't need to look good to impress everyone.'

"Samantha Wilcox?" Mr Williams questioned

"Here." She replied.

Today was going to be like any other day, and she knew it. And Sam was right, everyone ignored her, as if she was invisible like usual. She sat at a table on her own during lunch. She read by herself during breaks, she worked by herself during class. In a way she was glad that there was an unequal amount of students in her classes, it meant she could just work by herself. Though in science, everyone was partnered up and so she was made to do all the work by herself. She knew she should tell the teacher that it was her own work, but she remembered a year back when she did that, she ended up locked in her own locker for 2 hours, by the popular kids. It was how her claustrophobia started, and her panic attacks started if she ended up trapped in small places. Luckily the science project wasn't for another few weeks, so she didn't have to worry about who she'd be partnered up with.

It was Monday and the day had gone pretty fast. She sighed as she opened her locker and grabbed her shoulder bag, putting it over her head while pulling her hair from under the strap. She checked that she had everything before shutting and locking the door and leaving the school grounds. Sam would have been happy to be heading home if it weren't for her parents. Unfortunately, they ignored her as much as the kids at school did. Her dad was a teacher at a private school, one that she didn't go to because he was disappointed in her goals. He wanted her to be some stupid cheerleader at school, and all into sports and everything. But she wasn't. She was nowhere near that, so he didn't want to know her. Her mother was a lawyer and was too busy to even notice her, she was always working in her office when she wasn't at work. She was surprised in a way that her parents where together, they never had time for her so when could they possibly have time for each other?

See, Sam loved to write, and read. Those two things she enjoyed more than anything else. Mainly because it took away her loneliness, in a sad sort of way, when she read or wrote, it was like she became the character. It took her mind off everything else, taking her into another world and some one else's life, even if it was only for a few hours, at least it took her away from everything.

She took her bag off and placed it on the ground next to the bed as she sat herself down, taking a long look around her room. It showed her personality, it showed she was a geek, a big geek at that. Her bed was against the window, with light pink covers on the duvet and pillow cases, and a dark red heart in the middle. Against the opposite wall to her bed, was a desk and wardrobe, and then the other walls and any other parts of the wall that was spare, was full of bookcases, and there wasn't a gap there that didn't have a book. She sighed, standing and pulling a book from the shelf. 'The Smoke Jumper, by Nicholas Evans.' This was one of her favourite books. She'd read it over 10 times. Slowly she returned it to its place on the shelf. She went back to the bed and grabbed her bag, placing it there for a moment and taking her homework out.

Sam had her homework finished within the hour. She passed through it without a second thought or without thinking of the answer, she just read the question and everything came naturally to her, her hand just flowed writing the answer to one question and then the next. She sighed and put it back in her bag once she'd finished. In a way, she hated school, nothing was a challenge for her anymore. She shook her head and decided to go out to the park for a while. She had nothing better to do. At least there she could get some fresh air and maybe even draw, that was another thing Sam loved doing. And yet again, another thing she was good at. She took another shoulder bag out of her wardrobe and a different jacket to wear. She packed some paper and charcoal into her bag. She preferred drawing with charcoal.

From Sam's to the park, it wasn't all that far, only a ten-minute walk. And the park was small at that. She smiled sitting herself down quietly on a bench, unpacking her things, and starting to draw. There were a few kids in the park, then there was a few adults. Sam noticed another person, probably around 19 there to. She wondered if he was looking after one of the kids, or even if one of them was his. She smiled a little and just continued to draw happily. That was, until she heard the familiar voices of some kids at school. She looked up and saw them heading her way. She sighed and decided to try and leave while she could, that was before it was too late.

"Hey there Sammy, what you doing?" Laughed Jason.

She looked up at him silently for a moment, biting her bottom lip nervously.

"Nothing really…" She muttered standing herself up and trying to pack away her things.

"Doesn't look like nothing…" He grinned.

Before she knew it, he'd snatched the papers from her hand and was looking through them, laughing with the rest of the group.

"They're not bad at all Sammy…" He laughed again. "Are they Tess?"

"No, they're ok I guess."

Jason then grinned and looked at Sam as he passed the pictures around the group, so each had a picture each and if not, they had blank paper as something to hold.

"To bad they're not worth keeping." He smirked before ripping up the picture he had in his hand, the rest of the group followed suit.

Sam stood there shocked as the pictures and blank paper were ripped into pieces in front of her. She stayed completely silent and just watched them fall to the ground. She could see the guy watching her as he held onto a small girl. She blushed with embarrassment as she heard a few kids asking what was going on, to other kids or their parents. Finally Jason grabbed her bag and took out her case, with the pieces of charcoal in and snapped them into a few pieces. Sam just swallowed.

"What a shame…" He smirked. "You can't draw anymore."

Slowly Sam bent down and started to pick up all the pieces of paper and charcoal. She'd have to throw them away. The group walked past her, pushing her over slightly as they went. She sighed, looking around at everyone in the park and then continued to pick everything up and put it in the rubbish bin. Now she'd have to go shopping. She had no more charcoal and that was the last of the paper that she had which she used to draw on. She sighed and pulled out her wallet, counting her money before slowly heading into town.

Why did they have to pick on her? She thought as she browsed the art section down at the mall. They ruined her things. That was expensive and decent paper as well as charcoal. She'd been trying to save up lately for a book. Now she had to spend it on this drawing stuff. She sighed and shook her head, picking up the charcoal and a pack of paper as she pulled her wallet from her pocket. At least she hadn't kept her wallet in her back. She thought again as she headed to pay. She stopped though when someone tapped her on the shoulder, she thought it was Jason and the group again so tensed as she turned around.

"Hey, are you ok? I saw what they did to your stuff in the park. I just wanted to make sure you were ok." He replied.

It was the guy from the park. He was holding the girl in his arms again, like she had seen just before she'd left the park. She just stood there dumbstruck for a moment that someone was talking to her, someone nice. A guy that was nice.

"Erm, yea…I'm ok thanks…It was nothing." She replied quietly. "Thanks for your concern though."

He stood there for a minute, as dumbstruck as her. She was so polite and quiet, and did he forget to mention shy. She was incredibly cute though. He smiled finally and stuck out his hand for her to shake.

"I'm Daniel, it's nice to meet you." He grinned.

She stared at his hand before finally taking it, nervously.

"Thanks. I'm Samantha, nice to meet you to." She replied.

Thanks? What was she thanking him for? He shrugged and just smiled at her.

"Oh this is my sister, Rydia." He said as they walked towards the counter to pay.

He wanted to offer her the money to pay for her things but he thought she might find it kind of weird. He also wanted to invite her for a drink but he didn't know how to ask. He just smiled watching her as she paid for her things and then quietly packed them back into her bag.

"Look, me and my sister were just going to get a drink, just opposite this shop, at the small café. That's when I saw you and thought I'd come see how you were…" He partially lied. "And well…I was just wondering, if you want, you could join us."

Sam looked at him confused and curious. He was asking her for a drink. She looked at his sister who was smiling shyly, silently in his arms as she hugged him. She then looked back at Daniel.

"Erm…Sure, ok then…" She answered.

He grinned even more, not expecting her to say yes. He was a confident guy and everything, but when he was up close to her, and when he touched her and he felt her tense, it just disappeared a little. He became a little shy around her to. He nodded a little when Sam was ready and headed towards the café opposite the art shop she'd entered. Once they'd found a table he sat Rydia down then stood up again.

"What would you like to drink? It's on me." He smiled.

"Can I just have a water please?" Sam answered.

He looked at her a little shocked that she was just asking for water, but he nodded, just so he could pay, he went and got her a bottle of water and himself and Rydia a strawberry milkshake each. He then paid and came back to the table.

"There we go." He smiled as he sat himself down and helped his sister. "So Sam, tell me a bit about yourself."

Sam was in the process of opening the bottle of water when she looked up at him unsure of what to say.

"Erm, well I'm 15…nearly 16…well in May…" She answered. "I'm still in high school…I live with my parents…" She rambled not sure what to tell him.

He smiled a little and held a laugh, unsure of how she'd react if he just laughed at her. He found it funny, how she was reacting. He nodded at her a little, glancing at Rydia and then back at Sam.

"What do you like to do?" He questioned.

"I like to read…and write…and draw." She answered quietly.

He watched her closely for a minute, as she moved some stray hair behind her ear and then continued with pouring her water into the glass. He smiled a little taking a long drink of his milkshake. She was so cute and adorable. She was just so silent and looked so helpless. He continued to watch her a second, as he also saw the loneliness within her. He sighed a little, feeling sorry for her.

"What about you? Tell me something about you…" She finally asked quietly.

Daniel looked at her, a little surprised that she asked him a question. He just smiled and nodded.

"Well, as you know I'm Daniel and this is my sister Rydia. I'm 19 years old. Rydia is nearly 6. We live alone." He simply said, saying nothing more on that subject or about his parents. "I'm not at school. I have a full time job as a chef in one of the restaurants further down town. You know Johnsons. That's where I work while Rydia is at school."

Sam listened intently, wondering about his parents but she didn't ask. That would have been rude. But she was curious none the less. She nodded when she thought he'd finished just to find him continuing his speech.

"I love to cook, maybe you could tell that because I'm a chef, but I enjoy reading as well. I also love to listen to music, take Rydia for walks. All of that sort of stuff." He smiled. "Do you like high school?"

Sam nodded a little but didn't look at him as she shuffled a little, obviously uncomfortable with the question.

"Yea, its ok. I get good grades so can't complain." She replied finally looking at him.

He wondered if that group that had destroyed her things went to her school, if they did, she must find it hard. He wondered why they had a problem with her, but decided not to ask. He finally finished his milkshake and noticed that Sam had finished her water and also Rydia had finished her milkshake to.

"What are you up to now?" Dan finally asked Sam.

"I should probably head home. My mom is probably doing dinner now." She replied.

He nodded. "Can we walk you home?" He asked. "Just so you don't run into those guys again and have them ruin your stuff."

Sam nodded, appreciating that he wanted to walk her home so she didn't get her new stuff ruined. In fact, Dan was just using it as an excuse to hang out with her a little longer, after all, he didn't know when he'd see her again.

It was a little awkward on the walk home, but he still enjoyed it. Rydia had fallen asleep against him, as he carried her. Finally they reached her house. Brilliant, he now knew where she lived. He smiled and nodded as they stood outside her front door.

"Thanks for walking me home. It was real nice of you."

"No problem, any time. And if I'm in the park and they cause you any trouble again, I'll come and help you out." He grinned.

Sam smiled and blushed. "Yea, thanks."

He smiled as she blushed. She looked even cuter and adorable than before. He sighed not wanting to leave.

"Right, well hopefully I'll see you around Sam, bye." He smiled and started walking back down the path.

Sam smiled and nodded. She bit her lip and then went inside, the smile not leaving her face once. She'd hung out with someone. A guy. And a cute one at that. He'd brought her a drink. She grinned, though the smile left when she realised that she probably wouldn't run into him again. She doubted that she'd see him again. It would be just her luck. She wasn't meant to have boyfriends or even friends. She sighed and headed up to her room silently.