(not true story)

I stood on the last step. I wasn't ready to go inside. The door cracked open and there was my sister, Tina. I walked inside and went to bed.

I wasn't even a month old when my moyther died. After I could walk and climb my father killed himself. It seemed he couldn't deal without my mom. I remembered somethings but not all. I opened the bedroom door to his lifeless body in her favorite chair. His blood dripped down into the carpet. I walked up to him and climbed up his lifeless body and slept. Back then, my sister, Tina, was never around. She was out in the streets doing things she wasn't supposed to do at the age of eleven.

Both of us never had a family. Our grandmother died soon after. It seemed nobody wanted two troubled children. We moved to new places and saw new faces.Our other moms were cruel and evil.

Neither moms cared for us. I stayed in my fake bed, my fake room, and in my fake house while my sister stayed out late dealing with her boyfriends.

"Wake up, Dear. Breakfast is ready,"ranged Amy. Our foster mother."Christmas is here"

"We aren't hungry"yelled Tina. She peeled her covers back and her bed hair came into view. I awoke and giggled. Her hair reminded me of an old woman who hadn't combed her hair in awhile. She sat up and threw a pillow at her.

"But you guys need to eat."said Amy.

"Shut up-"

"We will be down there in a minute."

Amy leftt the room and Tina gave me the coldest look ever. She always got depressed when the holidays came by. She would usually try to kill herself, but she never had the guts to do it.

As I got out of bed, Tina left the room. I started to clean up myside of the room, so I could get ready for work. Heck, I had a job at fourteen. Nobody really knew my age because I looked older. People that knew me knew I was fourteen but people who didn't thought I was eighteen.(I even have my driver's liscense)

"Why do you always defend her."said Tina. As she headed back in the room.

"Because if you tick this one off it's over. Done. We on the streets again and just because I have a well-paying job doesn't mean anything. Your gonna have to find work for yourself."

Tina put her clothes on and left the room once again. I searched for my work clothes. I looked everywhere, minutes later I had finally found them.

"Hurry up or your late for work."

I quickly put them on and left.

I stood at the cash register and checked out some shoes. I handed them to the old woman and she left. Gus, my bestfriend as well as boss, came out of nowhere and sat in the chair that was behind me.

"So, what you think your getting for X-mas."

"Nothing really. Tina and I don't get gifts for X-mas and I think that we never will."

"Well I was...going to wrap this myself up in wrapping paper,but you don't want a present."

"Look nasty..."

Before I even finished my sentence he stuck something in my hand it was completely wrapped up in blue paper. I looked up at him in my confused expression.

"I don't want it back because it's yours now and well go home.I want you with your family ok?"

I shook my head and smiled. Then with great speed I left with the help of Gus who kept pushing me out the door. When I picked up Tina from school she was depressed it looked like, but instead of asking her what was wrong like I always do I let it be.She got in the car and told me to drive as fast as anyone she ever drove with.

It didn't take long for me to pull up in the driveway, but when I got out something seemed different. I slammed Amy's car door and walked into the house. Tina came running after me but when we got into the house we was suprised.

There was a real christmas tree that was decorated in all kinds of colors and under it was presents. I took off my shoes quickly and sat on the floor. I looked at Tina and for the first time she was crying.

"What's wrong?"I asked. Black tears rolled down her face and onto the carpet.

"Nothing I'm so happy."

And with that we smiled and had lots and LOTS of fun. I opened the last one and I cried happy joyful tears. It was a picture frame of my family when I was born. I cried and cried. Tears rolled down my eyes. This was the best gift ever and now since I'm seventy I still carry that old thing around with me. I hope that when God takes me, I am buried with this photo.