Chapter Five: Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My! PRT. 1

Gypsie got as far as the stable; she figured she'd just 'burrow' the mare which she now named Jenny, when Nathan caught up with her. And, oh boy, was he furious, his face was like granite stone cut in grim severe lines. Distantly she found it hilarious; currently she was slightly disturbed seeing as he was staring at her as if he was imagining skewering her with his sword. She opened her mouth to tell him he might as well turn around when he simple grabbed her and slung her over his shoulder. "WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING? LET ME GO YOU BARBARIC PIG!" she screeched, and then screamed when he brought his hand up and spanked her. "HOW DARE YOU! OH YOU BETTER HOPE TO HELL YOU NEVER PUT ME DOWN BUDDY YOU GOTTA SLEEP SOMETIME BIG BOY OH YEAH VENGEANCE WILL SOOOOOO BE MINE!" she threatened seeing a haze of red.

"If I were you" he gritted out between his teeth, "I would keep my mouth shut. You are very, very, lucky I haven't just shut you up in my tower." And with that dire threat he proceeded into carrying her over his shoulder back into the castle. Little Miss Madeline had apparently come back to consciousness. She was laid up in GYPSIE'S ROOM! Gypsie saw more hazes of red. "What" she growled out, "is she doing IN MY BED!?" oh yeah she was pissed. Madeline however gave a scream of fright. "Don't let that mad woman near me!" she screamed in such a high pitch tone even Gypsie flinched.

"Gypsie" Nathan said, "You will apologize to Madeline this instant for striking her."

"Oh sure…I'm sorry I didn't hit you…harder you little bitch!" Gypsie said and then set upon her. She was on Gypsie in a matter of minutes. Before Nathan could do anything Gypsie had snatched Madeline by the hair and dragged her out of the big bag and onto the floor. She swung around and straddled the girl and then still holding her by a fistful of blonde hair she pushed her face in Madeline's and growled "fuck with me Maddie, I dare you, I'm not from here and I'm not afraid to kick your ass" and then Nathan was grabbing her. But she willingly let go of Nathan and so he didn't pick her up again. She stood up from Madeline and said "Nathan…if you want me to stay you better get her the hell out of here NOW"

Nathan regarded her with a silent look then finally nodded. Madeline was still sobbing on the ground. "Your right, I can't allow you and Madeline to be near each other. Madeline must leave at once."

"Nathan!" Madeline gasped in a hurt puppy dog tone that made Gypsie want to gag. Nathan looked down at Madeline and said "you know good and well you've disserved what's happened to you, and though it might not be appropriate and it certainly doesn't excuse it, I think it best you leave my home Madeline, because I'm not going to be here."

Gypsie blinked, "wait, what? You're not going to be here? But…it's your house." She must be slow today but that simply didn't make sense to her.

"You're not going to be here either. I'm taking you back home Gypsie." Nathan said. Madeline gave a smug grin and Gypsie didn't even care. She was exited.

"You know a way to get me home!" she said. He gave a wry smile "yes but unfortunately it won't be pleasant and you'll most likely be frightened on the trip."

"Bring it on baby," she said, "I can take it." Oh how those words would come back to haunt her later.

Madeline was packed and gone in a manner of twenty minutes; though she did everything she could do to protest. Yes she was a very resistant leaver of the little castle, ha, little, the thing was a mansion; she seemed to be rather irked that her beau would be taken away by some heathen girl from a foreign land. You see Madeline having heard there little bout in the bedroom had figured out they weren't cousins and if so very distant ones. But finally she was gone and Gyspie, already had her things ONCE AGAIN gathered about her. "I'm ready to go" she told Nathan when he showed up to her bedroom. She was strumming her guitar, her fingers picking a complicated difficult pattern meant to spend some of her extra energy.

He smiled wryly at her enthusiasm and a look of pain went across his face. She was puzzled by it. What had she done? Well…other than assault his gonads…and give his girlfriend a black eye…and make a mockery of him in front of all his servants…and almost get him killed saving her…you know what? She suddenly felt slightly bad. Biting her lip she sighed, called her self a candy ass coward for even hesitating, then stood up and walked over to him leaving her guitar lying quietly on her bed. He paused startled at her approach but she only smiled and then when she was close she said, "thank you, for all that you've done. Your are a very good knight." And with that she rose up on tip toe, wrapped her arms around his neck, and kissed him. Not a peck either, hell she owed him major, she let the kiss linger, let his arms circle her waist and let him take control of the kiss. It's only just a thank you, at least that's what she kept telling herself even as she gave a happy sigh and her hands ran through his hair.

He broke the kiss and touched his forehead to hers smiling slightly. "What will I do with you?" he asked. He was surprised to see pain slice through her face and vulnerability enter her eyes. He felt her body tense, and her retreat as she stepped away from him seemed to mean something. She looked at him warily as if he was a predator and she was prey. Then so softly she said words that hit him with the impact of lightning. "Save me." And then to his advancing horror her eyes filled with tears, her hands balled into tiny fists and she looked the epitome of the broken warrior. She may be a woman but a warrior she was. It made his soul cry out in agony to see her in such pain. Unable to stand it he swiftly took her into his arms and pressed her head to his shoulder and allowed her to quietly weep, allowed her to keep her dignity. "I will save you, you will be home soon, for I vow it." He declared so forcefully she gave a small smile and a slight laugh. It wasn't a real smile nor a delighted laugh, but it was better then her tears of pain. He stroked her hair and held her for a while. Surprisingly when he tensed as if to move away she tensed as well and seemed to cling where as before she hadn't clung to much as leaned.

Finally he came to the conclusion that though she may be a warrior she was still a woman. She felt lost and alone and took comfort in his embrace. She simply needed someone to hold her. So with a soft sigh he bent and picked her up. She blanched and kicked her legs. "Why are you carrying me?" she asked. "Because your scared, don't deny it, and I'd like to stay and comfort you…nothing else I promise." He answered.

She regarded him with stormy, moody, and suspicious eyes. For a moment he thought he might break out in a nervous sweat. Then he saw her cave, it started with her eyes they softened, her face relaxed, and the air of suspicion around her disappeared. She nodded and he gave a roughish smile that made her laugh. He carried her swiftly to the bed and lay down with her still in his arms. He set her guitar gently down on the other side of the bed and then focused on her. She was cuddled to his side with her head resting gently on his chest and her arm around his stomach. He shifted onto his side, wrapping an arm around her with his arm around her waist and his hand resting at the small of her back. He rubbed her back soothingly, holding her to him, cradling her. She smiled and closed her eyes with her face pressed to his chest. She relaxed some but didn't go to sleep. So he began to talk, telling her stories of his adventures, lightening them quite a bit so they were more humorous then morbid. She laughed at parts and asked a few questions and slowly she began to drift to sleep. When she had settled into a fine deep sleep he finally stopped talking and closed his eyes, allowing himself to rest for a bit. He scarcely noticed with he drifted off to sleep because all he could think of was her soft womanly figure nestled against him, and the fact that she'd wanted to be soothed in his arms. Possession, pride, and desire rode him hard but the exhaustions of the day caught up with him. So he fell asleep, and dreamed of her.

Dawn came swiftly, and he awoke groggy but content. He had a woman in his arms and he was most pleased. In sleep they'd changed positions and she was acting much like a human blanket. She lay atop him with her head and torso against his own, her arm flung across his chest, her leg flung across his. He hissed as desire made his morning stiffness throb. Swallowing hard and telling himself to gather the wry reigns of his control he stroked her back and murmured in her ear. "Wake up little Gyspie, wake up." And waited. It was a slow process but it was adorable. She tried to cling to sleep with the stubbornness off a child. She shifted, buried her face deeper into him, as if to deny waking. She made a soft sound of disgust when she surfaced a bit more. Then slowly she opened heavy eyelids that looked quite dazed and still half asleep.

"Good morning" she said.

"Good morning" he answered.

She smiled and snuggled against him with a happy sigh, making his heart squeeze painfully. "We have to get up" he told her his voice husky with sleep and desire.

"Why?" she asked, her voice making him grit his teeth because her voice held the same huskiness as his. Closing his eyes and swallowing again he said "we'll be leaving today, traveling to the best known gypsy's of the land. If anyone will know how to use the ring and get you back they will." A small silence ensued and then she nodded. She sat up and ran a hand through her wild hair. He laughed and she shot him a dirty look, which only increased his amusement. He grinned and said "you have beautiful morning hair" which only got him a lofty roll of the eyes. She bounded off the bed and stumbled to her strange bags. Opening a wise compartment of some sort she immerged with hair brush though it was a strange one. She ran it through her hair until it was once more shiny, and in place. He got up, stretched, and told her he would leave her to attend her morning duties.

He thought her heard her mumble something nasty but he wisely chose to ignore it and to stifle his betraying chuckle as he walked out of the room.

Gyspie was dressed and ready to go in another rough pair of jeans, a pair of hiking boots she know thanked the good lord she'd bought, and started to put on a Janis Joplin t-shirt, but since Janis hadn't been born yet she figured it was probably a bad idea. So instead she laid with two tanks tops in different tones of blue. She completed the ensemble by putting her hair in a half way up half way down style with a few strands of her bangs fell around her face, softening the style. She applied some light make up, and out the…chamber….door she went.