Sitting alone

In this dimly lit space

My eyes start to tear

As I'm grabbing my face

And slamming my fists

On and on, on this table

This pen and this paper

Can't hide I'm unstable

Outside it's just peace

But inside it's so loud

If I had any hair

I'd be pulling it out

I hate spending time here

I just want to go home

I can't stand their voices

So I'm writing this poem

But I just can't think straight

Demands from dear Mother

And she's drowning out Father

Who's hitting my brother

All these noises cut through me

Like sharp, frozen rain

So I yell and I slam

With a huge throbbing vein

In my head but I just can't pretend

That this life is just fine

When everyone's house

Is so much cleaner than mine

And nothing I do

Seems to ease all this weight

And it's dragging us down

It seems it's my fate

To drown in my anger

And choke on my fears

To cut all my hopes short

To hide all the tears

You don't understand

The depth when I say

I'll die if I argue

With them one more day

I just think too much

And all I want to do

Is escape from it all

And lay next to you.